Ship a Car from Calfornia to Texas

Trust professionally trained auto transporters to provide California to Texas auto transport service non-stop and door-to-door. We move vehicles every week between CA and TX meaning you will get service you can count on. Find out what the cost will be with us today!


Temporary relocation or permanent move, we can provide you the a fair rate backed up by a rock solid price guarantee. Count on established reputation with our customers all over the nation. Backed by good reviews just about everywhere, Have peace of mind shipping with us. Your vehicle will arrive safely and quickly.. All auto transport to TX is fully insured with and our car shipping carriers only have the latest approved equipment for safe travel. We pave the way that others follow. Call 800-284-7177.

Safe, Fast, and Secure California to Texas Auto Transport

We make it easy. With several options like enclosed services, and we even offer transport if you vehicle has become inoperable. All at affordable rates with you in mind.

Fastest Trucks Out West – Pickup In as little as 24 Hours

Our transport trucks on average can pick up a vehicle in as little as 1-3 days without paying any extra fees to expedite. So you won’t be charged because you planned last minute. Have a day in mind at least a week from now? We can pick up your vehicle within a 24 window by booking ahead. No upfront cost means book and lock in as early as you want without being charged a dime.

We have plenty of trucks running this California to Texas auto transport route every week in both directions. Have National Express Auto Transport ship you car to Texas safely and efficiently without any surprises. You never have to worry about us switching the price up on you or deal with hidden charges at time of delivery. Our auto transport service is backed up by a solid rate and excellent service you will not find in any other auto shipper. Having a truly organized process that’s easy without extra hassle and inconvenience is what we stand for all the way. We put the “Express” in car transport.National Express has the experience, knowledge, experience, and value you are looking for. You also can rest assured that we only get paid only when we have arranged your transport. Never before. Would you pay for any other service without knowing when it was going to be performed? That’s how we feel the shipping of your car from California to Texas should be.

National Express is fully bonded, insured for your protection and properly licensed.Your car, truck, suv, van, or boat will be fully protected in case of any rare occurrence of damage. By law, a 10 car auto carrier must have a minimum of three quarters of a million dollars of liability. Our carriers actually have about a million dollars on average of liability for the vehicles on the shipment. Everything will be on a full commercial carrier. You won’t and old truck that’s falling apart each mile it carries a vehicle. Our carriers have well maintained equipment. No cutting corners and sending you a hauler that drags cars. We have mandatory inspections at pickup and delivery signed the person handing us the keys and the one accepting the car. Each gets a copy. So, in the rare instance that there is a claim, it’s clear and simple. That’s how we run our transport company.

Going around getting quotes and figuring out who to work with will probably get pretty frustrating. However, with National Express others have done the homework for you. Our reviews are proof that we have an excellent service and provide the best auto shipping experience for you since we run this route that we run on a weekly basis.

Auto transport is a competitive industry and we know you have your choices. We sincerely appreciate that you have taken the time to review the information here and hope that we can assist you in getting your vehicle to Texas safely.