California to Florida – Transport Route


National Express will provide you the absolute best in top rated auto transport services to Florida from California and has been running this route since the beginning. We can handle job relocations, multiple vehicles, and time your transport with your household move.

California to Florida Auto Transport

Count on us to ship your vehicle down. Customers time and again have chosen us for their California to Florida  auto transport because of our reputation.   We have accolades real customers thanking us for a job well done just about everywhere.  Always door-to-door, and no hidden fees.

California to Florida Auto Transport that is Safe, Fast, Professional, Affordable 


Two things will always influence your choice in auto transport companies. That will be price and reliability of the service. You want to maximize bang for your buck but not at the expense of it all going wrong. Our service is affordable, reliable, and professional. No doubt about it. Count on us every time to do the job right the first time.

Our Average Auto Transport is Scheduled in as Little as 24 Hours. 


On average we see a 1-3 day pick up on vehicles that are ready right now. This comes from cultivating a proven, professional network of auto transport carriers that do things right. Our reputation has much to do with our ability move vehicles quickly as that creates the volume and demand that lets us fill trucks quickly and get on the road.

Ok, so now you want to make sure you are making the right choice, and so do we. Of course we’re going to say it’s us. But the truth is proven sources outside of our company. Places like Google and Yelp, Angies List. It’s all there. Evidence that shows we know how to treat our customers and ship your car. So the research has been done for you. The unbreakable foundation we have been forged with is always honesty and integrity. Every step is taken to assure we put 100% in you, the customer and your needs. That is our philosophy.
National Express is licensed, bonded, and insured. Your vehicle will be protected. Your California to Florida auto transport will be provided by a company that has the credentials to certify safe travel of your car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, or boat. Each of our certified car carriers has about $1 Million dollars of liability insurance to further protect you. That is more than enough for the total value of the 10 cars we have on board. You will get a commercial car shipping carrier come to your door not a tow truck or single trailer towed by a pickup. We provide an inspection at pickup and delivery. Each one is signed by the parties at origin and destination.  In the rare instance that there is a claim, you have written and signed inspections demonstrating that the vehicle’s condition at the time it was received by our carrier. This is how we do things.

Get started today without any obligation by getting the cost to ship. Let’s get your California to Florida move underway. If you prefer to speak to an advisor we can help you 6 days a week. We will never charge you anything upfront.  We will not make you pay anything above the rate you got from us. This makes us the best choice for your transport. Thousands of cars have been in our hands with the results that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. So don’t wait any longer, call us today!

So you’ve been looking high and low, or maybe we are the first place you found. Regardless, we want to thank you for finding us and considering our services. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

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