Shipping a Car from Florida to New York


Ship a car from Florida to New York quickly and safely with National Express. As a transporter that is local, we know your route best. Not only that, it is one of our most popular destinations. Relocations, permanent moves, it’s simple and reliable. Snowbirds? We have you covered as you begin your return to the northern states around the springtime.

Florida to New York Auto Transport

You don’t have to worry about delays. Our vast network of carriers assures you will always have a spot available. Also thanks to various highways that connect two states, shipping a car from Florida to New York becomes quick and affordable for everyone. Depending on your budget and destination, there are often 2 shipping to choose from:

– Open Carrier: This is probably the most common as well as the simplest method of shipping a vehicle in which a container contains from 4 to 10 cars. For example, you can easily see those trucks that often carry a load of cars on the highway to the dealership. Open shipping is the cheapest option simply because it is easy to load and unload, as well as carry multiple cars at once.

– Enclosed Shipping: In this method, an enclosed carrier is used to store from 1 to 6 cars at the same time in a covered truck. Your car is kept away from the elements, which is usually reserved for high end vehicles that require extra protection.

Hands down we are the most qualified and trusted auto transport company to safely move your vehicle to New York, from Florida. No outdated equipment, or cutting corners. Expect superior quality from a safe, proven auto carrier that will allow you to rest easy knowing your vehicle will be in the best of hands the entire trip.

The higher education network of New York has more than 200 universities and colleges, including Rockefeller University, New York University, Cornell University, and Columbia University, which are ranked among the top in the world. For this reason, the number of students and parents travel between Florida and New York is enormous, leading to a high demand for car shipping services. For those students who are preparing to make their move to a new college life, having their vehicle transported by a shipping company will help them save a lot of time and effort planning for a long trip between Florida and New York.

National Express offers a door-to-door service, meaning that you can ship your vehicle from your location in Florida to your desired destination New York.

Situated in the southern region of the country, Florida is a coastal state that covers approximately 1350 miles of coastline. The region is bordered to the North by Alabama, to the South by the by the straights of Florida, to the West by Alabama and the Gulf of Mexico, and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

Currently, the highway system in Florida contains approximately 1480 miles of interstate route and 9900 miles of non-interstate highway (including US highways and state highways). 4 main interstate highways include: I-4 bisects the state and connects Daytona Beach, Orlando, Lakeland, and Tampa; I-10 traverses northwestern Florida and connects Jacksonville, Lake City, Tallahassee, and Pensacola; I-75 travels south through Lake City, Gainesville, Naples, Ocala, Bradenton, Fort Myers, and Sarasota; and I-95 runs along the Atlantic Coast.

With a population of approximately 20 million, Florida is the third most populated state and the eighth most densely populated region in the US. Today, it is distinctive for a varied culture, which reflects the influences and inheritance of various backgrounds, including the European, African, indigenous, and especially the Latino. This can be easily seen in the unique cuisine and architectural designs in many major cities. Along with Hawaii, the ‘Sunshine State” is one of the only 2 regions in the country that has a tropical climate, making an extremely popular destination for tourists in the summer.

So if you are planning to visit the fabulous New York city for a season or moving permanently to this beautiful state, consider using a car shipping service to make everything easier. With a small investment, you can enjoy the trip without being worried about any accidents or making a detailed plan for driving from Florida to New York.

Expect safety and security with our auto transport company from start to finish with no compromises. We back up what we say with an ironclad price guarantee and commitment to you as a customer. Our company is licensed, insured, and fully bonded.  That means you have a safety net ensuring we have to back our New York to Florida auto transport service, from start to finish. The federal minimum is $750k, however our average carrier is insured up a total of 1 million in liability insurance. That means a 10 car carrier and trailer will cover a vehicle for almost for an average of $75k  a vehicle. Far more than what the average customer needs in the rare instance of a total loss.

Let’s get started! Get the total amount it will cost you to ship, or reach us by phone by dialing 800-284-7177 and make a reservation with us today. Make the choice thousands of customers made before you to entrust National Express Auto Transport to ship your vehicle. We are just a call, tap, or click away.

We appreciate you have plenty of choices when selecting an auto transport company. So we are grateful for your consideration.

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