Car Shipping from Florida to Massachusetts

This is one of our most popular routes. Our Florida to Massachusetts route runs consistently throughout the year. Expect nothing but commitment to quality that will meet your highest standards. We are the leading auto shipper in the country and our carriers use only the best possible equipment when handling your vehicle.

florida to massachusetts auto transport

All our transport from FL to MA is fully insured and handled by our our safe, secure, and reliable car carriers. We are 100% insured to provide extra security.

We have various services such as enclosed and inoperable vehicle transport to further meet your needs.

Fast, Fast, Fast!

Did you know we can pick up any vehicle in as little as 24hours? That’s right! Our average pick up times for “ready now” Florida to Massachusetts auto transport orders is just 1-3 days with no extra fees.

We want your Florida to Massachusetts Auto Transport to be Fast, Secure, and Inexpensive

Our Florida to Massachusetts Auto Transport route has been tailored just for you. We ship hundreds of customers every year from Florida to Mass. You are juggling the cost and also looking value in who you select to transport your vehicle from Florida to Massachusetts. You don’t want to overpay but you also know that going with the lowest bidder will probably cost you more at the end. Some companies even want to get payment before performing the service! With National Express, you won’t deal with any of that because we don’t get paid until we’ve done our job. Our rates are affordable because we run this route all the time. We have the experience, knowledge, and expertise you expect to get the job done right the first time.

Just about every company tells you they are “Licensed, Bonded and Insured”. But what does that really mean? Well just like you can opt for the cheapest possible insurance on your car or home. The same goes for auto transport. That is not the case with us. Our carriers will have a minimum of $750,000 to an average of about $1 Million dollars liability coverage to give you the protection and security you deserve. That is more than enough for what we normally carry. You will not get “Bob the Tow Truck Guy” with his old beat down pickup and rusted trailer getting your car. (We have seen this happen in the past.) You will get a fully licensed commercial car shipping carrier at your door for your Florida to Massachusetts Auto Transport. Every inch of the vehicle is inspected at pickup, and then again at delivery. The person handing us the keys, and the receiver of the vehicle sign each one. Both are compared to assure we brought you your vehicle just the way you gave it to us.

Don't wait any longer. Entrust National Express Auto Transport to provide you with the absolute best Florida to Massachusetts auto transport service available, period. We have the reputation, the best rates, and the speed you need to assure successful delivery of your vehicle anywhere in MA. Call today! 1-800-284-7177 or calculate the cost to ship right now!