Shipping a Car from Texas to California

When you are in need of a car shipping from Texas to California, you can rely on National Express Auto Transport to take you there. These are two of the most populated states in the U.S and for this reason, they will normally attract many people; some relocating from California to Texas  or vice versa. However, most people have recently been making the move from to California.

Texas to California Auto Transport

If you want to relocate from Texas to California or have purchased a vehicle from their many auctions, you can avoid the exhausting drive. The answer is selecting an auto transport company to do the lifting for you that will go through hustle and bustle of the traffic to deliver your car to you door-to-door in the perfect condition..


Choosing the Best Company to Ship Your Car from Texas to California


There are many Auto Transport companies to choose from and many will have different pricing. The prices may differ depending on the company you choose. However, the fact remains that shipping your car is cheaper than making the drive.

Although each company you find promises to offer the best services, not all keep that promise. So, how do you know the best Auto Transport Company to trust with your car? It’s easy, you can find out in a number of ways;

Go through the Customer Reviews to be sure you are dealing with someone reputable. Going through the customers’ reviews is one of the best ways to decide the best Auto Transport Company for your car. Search Google, Angies List, Yelp, Facebook. If the customer reviews express satisfaction, you too should expect the same.

Check how the company is rated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).


Why Auto Shipping from Texas to California is Popular


Texas is cheaper than in California. In fact, the cost of land in California is almost thrice compared to Texas. In Texas, income tax is not levied to individuals unlike the case in California .But job opportunity and higher incomes in California are worth the move to many and that’s why many decide to go.  Employment is one of the major reasons as to why people migrate to Texas from California. Texas has seen growth in technical, manufacturing and businesses where most people can secure job opportunities however some consider those opportunities limited.

Although we may not know your reason for relocation, we understand that need for auto shipping. Let us take that tedious and boring to take the over 1100-mile drive. Avoid wear, tear, and time wasted.


How to Prepare a Car for Shipping


Though the shipping responsibility belongs to the Auto Transporters, you as the owner of the car also have some responsibilities to perform. Most shippers will expect you to;

· Hand over copies of keys for the different lockable compartments. These keys are returned upon the delivery.

· Remove all personal properties from the vehicle before the pickup

· Disconnect any alarm system already in place

· Ensure that the car is in the perfect condition prior to shipping. That is, the car should be working properly.

· Ensure that the gas tank level is 1/8 or below

· Be available at the place and time of delivery. In cases where it is difficult to available yourself, some companies allow you to send a representative to sign the delivery documents on your behalf.


Most Popular Texas to California Shipping Routes


Texas to San Francisco
Texas to Sacramento
Texas to San Jose
Texas to Los Angeles
Texas to San Diego

Need it Fast?  Fast in Built In. Our Average Pickup is One to Three Days

No need to worry about sitting and waiting. If you are ready to schedule your Texas to California auto transport now, we can get your vehicle right away. Without an expedite fee!  It’s just how we do things. We have one of the most aggressive dispatch teams around.  Call today and get started!

National Express Auto Transport  continues to pave the road as a leader in the industry. Thank to our commitment to delivering what we promise, we have established a solid reputation with excellent ratings Your auto transport to Texas to California will go completely as you had expected.

Shipping your car doesn’t need to be complicated. We offer a well organized and streamlined process.  Starting with free bookings. You don’t every pay a cent when you order your transport. In fact, you will never be billed anything until we have provided the service.  No upfront billing has been one of the foundations of our business.  We don’t hide fees, or surprise you a delivery. Add our extensive experience and network of professional carriers, you will have a winning combination every time.

All auto transport with National Express is fully insured. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Wef $1 Million dollars on average of liability for the vehicles onboard and $100,000 in motor cargo coverage.   So in the unlikely event of vehicle damage, you are can be rest easy. We use commercial carriers only. No private hires or tow trucks pulling cars with their wheels on the ground. You see our type of carrier all the time. Those two story trucks that you see coming in and out of dealerships is a perfect example of what we use.

So now you know all the facts, all that’s left is for us to get you set up. Call today. 800-284-7177 or simply request a quote to get started with us.  Know that by doing so you will get an the affordable rate we promise and the service customers before you have enjoyed when getting their vehicle transported. We won’t let you down, and you will be glad you booked with us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

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