How Long Does it Take to Move My Car?

Although we go in great detail on this, here is a brief outline of the time it takes:

There are two timing factors that have an effect:

Pick up time:

This is the amount of time needed to locate, assign and route a specific transport truck after your order is received.
Transport time is the duration from the time the vehicle is picked up at origin until it arrives at the destination.
Pick up time is normally between 2 and 10 days. There is no way to know in advance with precision exactly how long this will take. The Terms & Conditions provide for a full refund of deposit if pick up does not take place in a prescribed amount of time. Pick up time may be longer in remote locations away from Interstate shipping lanes, during in climate weather and during the busy moving season (mid May to mid September).

Transit time:

This is normally 4-10 days depending upon route and location. Please keep in mind that the truck usually carries 9-10 cars at a time. The driver loads and unloads these vehicles as he travels across country. There are also federally mandated restrictions on the number of hours the driver may be on the road in a given time period.

The best way to ensure a smooth move is to plan ahead.

Listed below are some basic ideas that you may find helpful. Make sure you contact us for actual scheduled times.

-East Coast to West Coast 7-10 days

-Midwest to either East or West Coast 5 - 8 days

-North to South 5 - 8 days, Shorter routes 3 - 5 days.

-Pick up and delivery dates are not guaranteed.