How Far In Advance Should I Book Shipment?

We advise that you book your shipment as soon as possible, the more advance notice you give us- the higher quality service you receive, however, we can arrange expedited (same or next day service) if you request it.

Generally we recommend scheduling your transport a week in advance. This gives the company you book with plenty of time to find a driver for you and to get your vehicle picked up. Two weeks is acceptable, but anything past that is unnecessary and could actually be detrimental to your shipping costs as prices can change. Make sure you book your shipment a week to two weeks in advance – that way there shouldn’t be any problems.

The best way to ensure a smooth move is to plan ahead. If you need to schedule a specific day for pick up because you're flying out, you should give yourself some room in your planning for delays. If your needs are such that you need to ensure arrival of the vehicle at it's destination by a specific date, speak to us and we will work with all our resources. Call one of our shipping consultants at (800) 284-7177 for additional information.