Shipping a Vehicle - Minneapolis, Minnesota to Phoenix, Arizona

The somewhat diagonal cross country auto move is 1642 Miles. Coming from so far north, regardless of the time of year, the route can be rough. Rain, snow, intense heat, as well as overnight rests in desolate hotels in far off locations can be less than safe. This is why it's such a popular car transport route.

The strain on your vehicle from traveling all those miles to move it yourself can prematurely age your vehicle. Go with the pros. Ship your car, truck, or SUV with us.   Get a quote and get started!

This isn't one of the most frequent routes, but definitely a filler route. This gives the auto carrier different pick-ups along the way of the transport. For example this transporter may be coming from northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and heading through to pick up an drop off in Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado.  An extra load would be useful to fill their truck. There are perhaps many reasons why one would want to leave Minnesota and ship their car to Arizona. The weather would be a major shift, as Arizona will absolutely eliminate the need for the snow shovel every year. Arizona has a lot of agriculture, finance, insurance, health, and real estate, providing plenty of opportunity to flourish in the city.   The southwest is a tempting move to anyone looking to change direction and try new opportunities and a new city.


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