Route – Los Angeles, California to Seattle Washington


The distance from Los Angeles to Seattle is 1,135 Miles.  This is a common route and has a lot of movement. If you choose to use transport your vehicle, we’ll be able to get it in 1-3 days from the time you order for ASAP , and deliver in about 5 days thereafter. Auto shipping is always more convenient than driving.

Auto Transport Route Los Angeles to Seattle

If you are moving to Seattle from Los Angeles, it’s recommended that  you transport your vehicle with us and eliminate the hassles of driving. hotel, food expenses,  as well as unnecessary wear and tear.

Seattle is a great city. It’s the largest city in the state of Washington.  Like much of the Pacific Northwest, it has cool wet winters and dry summers.  Seattle averages more rainfall than any other city, and referred to as a constant winter mist of rain showers. Although it does get cold, Seattle typically receives some snowfall but heavy snow is rare to occur.  Seattle as a great range of job opportunity and has its share of big business. Huge retailers and coffee chains are amongst a few of the big hitters in Seattle.


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