Route - Miami, Florida to New York City, New York

Usually called as the "Snow Bird" route. It's nickname came about because birds go back and fourth, moving at about the same time south to then north each year to get away from the cold then back to get away from the heat. Instead of renting a car or suv for those months, auto transport from Miami to New York and vice-versa is a more cost efficient alternative.

We have repeat customers every year. New York residents return to around April and May. They will usually come back down to Miami from NYC around the month of September or October. Thus, they live in comfortable weather throughout the year. New York City is center of it all. It's the finance capital of the wold. The home of many of the most talented designers anywhere. Some hail it for having the world's best entertainment. Over sixty million people visit New York City every year. In fact, New York City is the most photographed city on the planet.

The drive would run you 1,282 miles. A long drive and a hassle. Many of our Snowbirds that book for the first time never look back afterwards, thinking why they didn't take that option sooner. If you are looking to ship your vehicle from Miami, Florida to New York City, count on us. This is one of our most popular routes where we have the most experience with since we have repeat customers that come to us year after year to move their vehicles. Are you planning to move, relocate, or simply visit New York City for a time and need your vehicle? Look no further. Find out what the cost will be today!

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