Texas to Minnesota Auto Shipping

Shipping of a Vehicle from Texas to Minnesota

We specialize in shipping cars to Minnesota from Texas as well as many nearby states and regions.  Our Texas to Minnesota auto transport route runs all year long with the best rates thanks to a decade of experience. We're a high volume shipper running across the country within vehicle shipping in all 50 states.

Shipping vehicles between Minnesota and Texas is one of our most popular cross-country routes for years.

As a dedicated door-to-door auto transporter, we offer convenient pick-up from any residential or business address in Texas and will make sure of safe and prompt delivery to any address in Minnesota. You can choose between open or enclosed shipping options.

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How much does it cost to ship a car from Texas to Minnesota?

There are a few factors involved. The first will depend on the specific pick up location in TX and the delivery location in MI.  It will also depend on the size and weight of the vehicle, the type of shipping which can be open or enclosed, and of course if it’s running or non-running. You easily learn how much it will cost to ship a car from Texas to Minnesota by getting an instant quote with our calculator, or calling us at 800-284-7177. Use our easy steps.

How long does it take to ship a car from Texas to Minnesota?

Carriers can travel around 300-500 miles per day. If you take the total distance of your route and divide by an average of 400, you'll get the estimated number of days it will take to ship a car from Texas to Minnesota. But don’t worry, when you book the shipping, we give you the estimated delivery time for your specific Texas to Minnesota shipping when you reserve the order.

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Delivery - Your vehicle arrives and you receive it

Consider trusting your Texas to Minnesota vehicle shipping needs to NX. To simplify the process for you, we've come up with a straightforward approach divided into three manageable steps:

  1. Request a quote and make a reservation online or via phone.
  2. Schedule vehicle pickup.
  3. Receive your vehicle at your chosen destination.

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Based on recent data from our shipping this year, 90% of vehicles in Texas and going to Minnesota get picked up in 3-5 days!

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From Texas Car Shipping

The demand for car shipping services here is considerable. The fastest and most cost-effective transports are typically to and from the major cities of Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. These cities form a triangle on the map, making car shipping within this area very efficient. With a population of over 29 million spread across 268,596 square miles, Texas is the second most populated state in the country.

Additionally, there are other solid car shipping locations along I-20, a major trucking corridor into the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Cities like Odessa, Midland, and Abilene are all good options for car shipping within Texas.

On the other hand, the most challenging locations for car shipping in Texas are those south of the I-10 corridor, especially near the Texas/Mexico border. These areas are the least traveled by car carriers, and the further south you go, the more time and money the transport will require. While some carriers do operate south of I-10 down to Corpus Christi and further along the Gulf Coast, their numbers are limited.

When it comes to challenging locations, El Paso on the western edge of the state, along with Lubbock and Amarillo in the panhandle, can present difficulties depending on the transport route. While these aren't the best locations for car shipping, they aren't the worst either. Transports to and from these areas occur less frequently, but when they do, they generally aren't too problematic.

To Minnesota Car Transport

Minnesota has a well-developed transportation infrastructure, with a network of highways that connect its urban centers, suburbs, and rural areas. The state’s major highways, including Interstates 35 and 94, facilitate efficient travel across the region. The Twin Cities area benefits from a comprehensive public transportation system, including buses and light rail services, making commuting within the metropolitan area convenient.

Shipping cars in and out of Minnesota is a common and convenient service for residents and businesses alike. Whether you're relocating, buying a vehicle from out of state, or selling a car to a distant buyer, auto transport services offer a practical solution. Our services are designed to handle the logistics of moving vehicles safely and efficiently, saving time and effort for those involved.

In rural areas and smaller towns, however car transport can become more difficult. Housing is even more affordable but car shipping carriers visit the areas less due to the how remote certain locations can be.

Speaking of housing, Minnesota is diverse, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets. In the Twin Cities, you’ll find everything from historic homes and modern apartments in urban neighborhoods to spacious suburban houses. The housing market tends to be more affordable compared to other metropolitan areas in the U.S., making homeownership accessible for many families .In rural areas there are larger properties and a quieter lifestyle.

While many people enjoy living in Minnesota, there are several reasons why some choose to leave the state. One of the primary factors is the harsh winter weather. Minnesota's winters are known for their extreme cold, heavy snowfall, and icy conditions, which can be challenging for those who prefer milder climates.

Another reason can be new a new job or career advancement in other regions. While the state has a strong job market, some industries or specialized fields may have better opportunities elsewhere. Additionally, the cost of living in certain parts of Minnesota, particularly in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, can be relatively high compared to other regions. This can drive some residents to seek more affordable living situations in states with lower housing costs and overall expenses.

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How do I ship my car from Texas to Minnesota?

The price we give you a fair price and the estimated time of delivery for your specific shipping route. From there you can book an order online or book an order with us over the phone. The first step is to get an instant cost quote on our car shipping calculator or giving us a call at 800-284-7177.

Do you provide open and enclosed car shipping to Texas to Minnesota?

Absolutely! We have both open and enclosed shipping. You can pick on the online quote system or call us.

What payment methods do you accept to Minnesota?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and debit cards. You can pay a deposit and cash later or put it all on your card!

What's included in the instant quote from Texas to Minnesota?

Everything is included in the quote.  Taxes, Insurance, and all surcharges. No hidden fees with NX!