The miles of highway between both cities is 747.  Most relocating have enough worry about. With flights being so short, and auto transport being so affordable between the two cities, it makes sense to ship your vehicle with us.

Auto Transport Route - Chicago, Illinois to Atlanta, GA

Many of our customers make the move from Chicago to Atlanta and ship their cars with them. Most on this route are changing to a more affordable city, where the cost of living is less. In fact, Chicago is on average 25% more expensive than Atlanta all the way around. From groceries, to rent, to consumer goods. Those moving to Atlanta are looking to get more value. Atlanta although not as condensed a city as Chicago provides the lifestyle a major metropolitan area provides, but at a more reasonable expense. Therefore, it is a popular auto shipping route. Newcomers will enjoy cheaper prices, better weather in the winter, and affordable housing. Those wanting to fly back and visit family can take comfort in knowing they are just a 2 hour flight away.

Our auto carriers and equipment can take the beating to preserve your vehicle from excess driving. It is also much safer to fly as there are many road hazards that can cause delays. Nighttime driving can also be unsafe. Get a quote from us for this route! As advertised, all transport is door-to-door. All fees included. Give us a try today.


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