Route – Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California


Although California has a higher cost of living, several Miami natives are trading east coast for west, transporting their vehicles  from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California. This is one of the most populated cities in the country, and with good reason. With so much to do and great weather year-round, who wouldn’t want to live in such a beautiful city.  We are seeing the job market move a lot of families and individuals to Los Angeles.

Auto Transport Los Angeles to Miami Route

 It reflects in the volume of auto shipping we do to Los Angeles. In fact auto transport is more expensive coming into Los Angeles, as opposed to leaving because of the demand. From those aspiring to be tech guru’s working for big companies in sought after Silicon Valley, to aspiring models and actors looking to be in the center of the entertainment industry. Songs are written but those dreaming of living in L.A.


The trip runs 2,732 Miles. Most would agree that having your vehicle transported is much more convenient that having to drive such a long distance. Not to mention how the added miles and wear can age your vehicle. You are susceptible to rock chips, tire damage, and much more.  We can take about 5-7 days, however can be in many less depending on the truck. Some of our auto shippers have team drivers, other trucks will make little to very few pick ups or drop offs while traveling to  Los Angeles. 

California is in high demand, and there are plenty of trucks available to make your car transport to the west every day.  On long hauls such as these, it’s typical to use a 9 car auto carrier, since we move so many cars day to day. Of course, we offer only insured, licensed vehicle shipping. Get a quote and get started!


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