This is one long trek! 2,790 miles!  This is definitely a trip that will test your vehicle and do irreversible aging to it. It makes so much more sense to get vehicle shipping with one of our professional carriers. When you add up gas, tolls, hotel, and the convenience factor, is driving yourself really worth it.

Your vehicle rests on a large two story auto carrier / hauler that safely travels this route consistently. In fact, although each truck takes 2 weeks there and back, the demand has a truck leaving New York Daily to bring vehicles to neighboring states along the way.

New York has long been the centralized hub for the world's most important economic events in the U.S. Home to a booming fashion industry, arts, entertainment, and so much more. Yet, there is an exodus of New Yorkers moving and transporting their cars to Los Angeles to look for a city with that is diverse and entertaining like they are used to. For most, the cost of living in Los Angeles can be high. But for someone from NY, what you can get in California, vs.Home will impress NYC residents.  Most of those moving to California come with New York Salaries, as the West is always trying to take the best talent thanks to a booming creative class (industries such as art, entertainment), as well as other sectors like health and finance.  Another bonus is the weather and beaches. The fact that you need your vehicle more than ever is a great reason to transport it. After speaking with customers that have traded the subway for the freeway, they do mention it's better than riding the "F" Train, even with the traffic in L.A.


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