Route – Houston, TX to 

Los Angeles, CA


The move covers 1,546 road miles. Thus, getting your vehicle transported is a great option and a popular one. Making the drive yourself will add miles of wear and tear, can chip paint, and can be unsafe at night.  It can take just 3-4 days to ship on a carrier.  If we have team drivers on the route, it can be even less. This is one of our most popular routes and we have immediate availability since we full up trucks every couple of days.

Auto Transport Route Houston to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is in high demand. It’s a longer route and we move so many cars, trucks and SUV’s from cities and states in between.  Usually, you will notice it’s common for an open carrier that holds 5-9 vehicles. As always we only ship door-to-door, and all transports are insured all the way to Texas


Both Houston and Los Angeles are big hubs for car shipping. Los Angles inhabits 18 Million people in its 34,000 square foot area.  A lot of people and plenty of variety in this melting pot for those looking for change of scenery.  Great weather all year long. Plenty to do, as well as one of the most advanced highway systems on earth. The saying is “Everything in L.A. is 20 minutes”. Gorgeous mountains, amazing views. Many families are moving and shipping their vehicles to Los Angeles from Houston.  

In fact, shipping vehicles to the city is more expensive than cars coming from the city to other areas in the U.S.  Los Angeles attracts techies, actors, artists, students, and all kinds of people from across the globe, as well as Houston. Los Angeles is actually considered a healthier city than Houston. There are more fitness centers in Los Angeles. L.A. also has less fast food restaurants than Houston when comparing the amount of people living in each location and what is available. Interestingly enough, Houston and twice the amount of bars when compared by population and size.

Is leaving Houston worth it? There are many Fortune 500’s there and everyone’s heard about Texas Oil. That happens to make it a manufacturing epicenter for high paying labor jobs as well. So, those making good money with a solid job can take on the higher costs of Living to move to Los Angeles easily. 





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