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Vehicle transport from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, NV

The distance is a short 320 Miles from Los Angeles, but if you are moving any distance to another state can be frustrating and difficult. Let us take one more thing off your plate so you can take care everything else. 

From Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Transporting a Vehicle from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Auto transport is usually a much more convenient solution. Avoid rock chips, excess wear and tear, and punishing heat with NX by your site on for your transport to Las Vegas from Los Angeles!

How long does it take to ship a car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

Carriers can travel around 300-500 miles per day. If you take the total distance of your route and divide by an average of 400, you'll get the estimated number of days it will take to ship a car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by mapping the distance, which should be just next day. But don’t worry, when you book the shipping, we give you the estimated delivery time for your specific Miami to Los Angeles car shipping when you reserve the order.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

There are a few factors involved. The first will depend on the specific pick up location in Los Angeles and the delivery location in Las Vegas. It will also depend on the size and weight of the vehicle, the type of shipping which can be open or enclosed, and of course if it’s running or non-running.

You easily learn how much it will cost to ship a car from Miami to Los Angeles by getting an instant quote with our calculator, or calling us at 800-284-7177. Use our easy steps.

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Based on recent data from our shipping this year, 90% of vehicles in Los Angeles to Las Vegas get picked up in 1-2 days!

From Los Angeles Car Transport

Auto shipping in Los Angeles is a thriving industry, catering to the diverse needs of its residents. Given the city's vast size and literally one of the  highest  demands for vehicles in the country, auto shipping services play a crucial role in ensuring that cars can be transported efficiently and safely.

Renowned for its sunny weather and diverse culture, LA is a place where people from all over the world come to pursue their dreams. The city offers a wide array of job opportunities, particularly in entertainment, technology, and healthcare. Hollywood, the heart of the entertainment industry, attracts aspiring actors, directors, and producers, while Silicon Beach has become a hub for tech startups and established companies alike. Additionally, the city's robust healthcare system provides ample career prospects for medical professionals.

Homes in Los Angeles range from luxurious mansions in Beverly Hills to charming bungalows in Silver Lake. The real estate market is diverse, offering options for every taste and budget. Many neighborhoods have their own unique character, from the artsy vibes of Venice Beach to the upscale elegance of Bel-Air. Despite the high cost of living, many are drawn to LA's unique blend of urban and suburban living, where it's possible to enjoy both the hustle and bustle of city life and the tranquility of residential neighborhoods.

Whether it's relocating for a job, purchasing a vehicle from a distant dealership, or moving a classic car collection, LA offers numerous reliable auto transport companies that provide both local and long-distance shipping. These services typically include options for open or enclosed transport, depending on the level of protection required.

The job market in Las Vegas is diverse, with a strong emphasis on the hospitality and entertainment hotels, casinos, and entertainment venues create a multitude of job opportunities for individuals in roles ranging from hospitality management to performance arts. Additionally, Las Vegas has a growing technology sector, attracting businesses and startups looking to capitalize on the city's strategic location and favorable business climate. Healthcare and construction are also significant employment sectors, reflecting the city's continuous growth and development.


To Las Vegas Car Transportation

Las Vegas is a magnet, drawn by its iconic Strip, where glittering casinos, spectacular shows, and fine dining experiences abound. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Las Vegas offers a unique blend of housing with a wide range of options to suit different lifestyles and budgets. From high-rise condos with breathtaking views of the Strip to sprawling suburban homes in master-planned communities, there's something for everyone.

For these reasons, auto shipping in Las Vegas has great availability.  Also, it's also great thanks to an extensive highway network.  Given the city's status as a major tourist destination and a hub for conventions, the demand for vehicle transport services is pretty high. Auto shipping by NX in Las Vegas offers a range of options, from open carriers for standard vehicles to enclosed carriers for luxury and classic cars.

These services are particularly useful for those relocating to or from the city, purchasing vehicles from distant locations, or needing transport for seasonal events and exhibitions. With a focus on safety and efficiency, Las Vegas auto shipping providers ensure that vehicles are delivered in pristine condition, making the process of moving or acquiring a car seamless and stress-free.

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How do I ship my car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

The price we give you a fair price and the estimated time of delivery for your specific shipping route. From there you can book an order online or book an order with us over the phone. The first step is to get an instant cost quote on our car shipping calculator or giving us a call at 800-284-7177.

Do you provide open and enclosed car shipping from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

Absolutely! We have both open and enclosed shipping. You can pick on the online quote system or call us.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and debit cards. You can pay a deposit and cash later or put it all on your card!

What's included in the instant quote?

Everything is included in the quote.  Taxes, Insurance, and all surcharges. No hidden fees with NX!