Ship a Car from  Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois


The total miles oh highway stretching between Denver and Chicago s 1,005 Miles. Auto transport by far is a lot more practical when it comes to long hauls like this one. There is also a lot of wear and tear caused by the road conditions and constant driving.  Travel time from one state to the other can be around 3-4 days.

Auto Transport Route

Many people move from Denver to Chicago. Most are career movers, looking towards a larger venue than Denver to find more opportunity. Chicago makes a great choice. Costs of living in most aspects such as groceries, rent, dining, and goods are all only within 7-10% more than Denver. Surprisingly, Chicago rent is only 5.9% higher on average than Denver. Making Denver rather expensive in comparison to other cities that are similar. It is true that many midwesterners move to Denver and not the other way around, however Chicago residents look for similar types of cities to relocate to. Denver being much smaller than what Chicago natives are used to.

Some of our carriers will have the benefit of using  team drivers, while others make little to no stops in between these two locations.  We usually see anything around 1,000 miles and up on these large 5-9 car carriers. A route like this is also common, larger trucks make sense when going from Denver to Chicago. 



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