Route – West Palm Beach Florida to New York City, New York


This is simply one of our most popular routes. Considered a “Snow Bird” route, this move is one of the few a customer will come back year after year to do. Why? Hundreds of New York residents, come to sunny Florida to escape from the bitter cold New York winters. They will usually come down to West Palm from NYC around September, October. Then, they in Florida until April or May. Thus living in great weather all year round.

From West Palm to New York City

New York City is great at everything. Finance, commerce, media, fashion, art ,technology, education, and live entertainment. Sixty million people a year come to visit New York City. It’s also the most photographed city in the world.  New York City is most well known for being the financial epicentre of the U.S. and for art and fashion.

If you are looking to ship your vehicle up to NYC from West Palm, we can do it. We are amazed how many customer come down with someone else, and come back up with us after their car shipping plans went haywire thanks to a bad company. The next year they do both trips up and down year after year with us from then on.  Once you learn of our service, there’s no wanting to go anywhere else. We are indeed glad an grateful for that.  Ready to relocate, move, or just visit New York City for a while and need your vehicle? Look no further. Find out what the cost will be today!

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