Ship Your Car From Florida to New Jersey


Are you moving or a Florida vacationer going home to Jersey?We have you covered! Find out what the cost will be to ship your vehicle.We are from Florida, and have are your direct source for Florida to New Jersey or anywhere else in the country.

Florida to New Jersey Auto Transport

Did you know you save money booking both trips with us ? It may be that your trip down didn’t go as planned, and now you found us to get you back to New Jersey. We can still extend your discount for next season!  As you can see we have excellent reviews just about everywhere, and we have top notch car shipping carriers.  What other place do you see so many credentials?  Anyone can be registered with a dozen associations. But is the customer feedback there?  It is with us.

Get the Absolute Best Florida to New Jersey Auto Transport Service

Pickup for Florida to New Jersey Auto Transport as Quickly as Twenty-Four Hours


We have a lightning fast 1-3 day turnaround for any vehicle transport to New Jersey that is ready now.  That is done without making you pay anything extra. It simply is part of the auto shipping service.

National Express Auto Transport is the industry leader in car, truck, and SUV shipping. There’s no doubt.  We’ll make your transport a breezy as our Florida beaches, and provide the absolute best possible service for you from Florida to New Jersey!

There are several auto transport companies and the choices out there can be confusing. However going with a trusted company is the right place to start when shipping a car.  Have you been calling around and being asked to give money up front without a confirmed pick-up? Be wary of those that want to hold you hostage with their services because they have your money.  With National Express, we get paid only when we have done what you have hired us to do.  National Express has ratings, expert staff, and knowledge you are looking for in an auto shipping company.

We are full compliance to transport vehicles. The trucks in our network have Motor Cargo insurance and full liability insurance. Just the liability coverage is 1 Million dollars or more! That means you are shielded from loss should the unimaginable happen.

We are fully licensed and bonded to ship vehicles. According to the FMCSA and the DOT, in order to operate an auto transport company must have these in place to protect you   We take it further by making sure our customers never have to pay the transport  up front. That includes the deposit. It’s always free to book and you never get billed a cent until we’ve done our job.

We know there’s lots of choices. But we are also confident you won’t just take our word, but the word of countless customers that have pick us for their Florida to New Jersey auto transport, having it go as well or better than expected. (We like to aim for the latter.) So give us try! We want to be your auto transport company!


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