Shipping a Car from New York to California


Let National Express handle car shipping from New York to California with door to door service and no hidden fees. We handle job relocations, corporate moves, dealership auto shipping, and more.

New York to California Auto Transport

If you find yourself having to ship a car from New York to California, there are several factors that will determine how much and how long it will take for us to move your car. Factors such as the type of transport you prefer (open or enclosed), condition of the vehicle (running or not running / inoperable), type of vehicle, exact destination, season, and fuel prices. All this is what will determine the final cost of this shipment. Luckily, we’re here to sort all that out.

There are several companies that offer this service, and you could be overwhelmed if you aren’t sure what to look for and simply had to choose from all the options; this can be confusing. Consider budget as well as reliability of the company for starters. Proper research must be done before settling on the right one. You should not be quick to pick the extremely cheap ones as they may not deliver the desired service.

National Express ships from all areas around New York. The pickup can be from New York City, Buffalo, Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Utica, Long Island, Syracuse, Albany, New Rochelle, Yonkers and all the areas surrounding them. In California, we deliver the vehicles at Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, Bakersfield, Anaheim and al the surrounding areas as well. With over 3000 carriers nationwide to ship.

New York to California route service is door to door with all fees included. Featured services include Open carrier transport, which is one of the most common and fastest way of transportation. Vehicles are placed on open air trailers with two levels and is fine for almost any type of car. Enclosed auto Transport is used mostly for sports, classic and luxury cars which offers more protection.

Example Routes:

– New York City, New York to San Francisco, California
– Brooklyn, New York to San Diego, California
– Manhattan, New York to Sacramento, California
– Bronx, New York to Los Angeles, California
– Staten Island, New York to San Jose, California
– Buffalo, NY to Los Angeles, California

New York State is the home of New York City, the big apple while California is the home of Hollywood the largest film making industry in the world. These two states are very key states and people are therefore likely to be moving in and out all the time. There are many highways joining the two states making the access easier. There are several routes from New York to California and vice versa that can be used to ship a car.

National Express has easy to access as one can get quotes online and order online. Excellent customer service. Reasonable price range for the service. National Express is reliable; reviewed by clients as a reputable auto transport company.

If you are planning to Ship a car from New York to California National Express will definitely suit your needs.

Pick You Up in as little as 24 Hours Without an Expedite Fee 


Only by having a vast network pool of certified carriers on deck can we provide such a fast turnaround. In fact, most of our auto transport orders are picked up within 1-3 days from the moment you initiate your order.  That’s without any extra cost to you, and no hidden fees anywhere.

It’s really easy with National Express. The testament to our good work is in the reviews you find throughout various trusted sources like Google and Angies List. But don’t take our word for it. Just search for our company name and you’ll see all others have to say about how we handled their auto shipping. Make your New York to California auto transport a breeze with our proven track record and reputation going the extra mile for our customers. It’s all about what our company was founded on. That is honesty and integrity. We put our best into every transport order so we can continue to grow and do the same for more people like yourself that are looking to rely on a good auto shipping company.
Being bonded, licensed, and have proper insurance what matters most above all else. This how you are completely shielded and protected. We make sure that your vehicle is delivered just that way you gave it to us, but in the rare instance it’s not then we’ll fix it by filing a claim for you. That is what we promise. Our average carrier liability insurance is good for an average of 1 million dollars.. That is more than enough for the vehicles we normally carry should there be a complete loss cars and trailer. Another thing you can count are commercial trucks being the form of transport. Not some guy with pickup and a used single trailer he got off the classifieds.
Let’s get you home! Get the cost to ship your vehicle. Want to talk to a real person? Even better! Call us 800-284-7177 and we’ll get your New York to California Auto Transport going for you right away. Planning ahead?  We can help you and since you never get charged anything up front you can book and lock your price in for free. National Express Auto Transport is the only choice for car transport, used by  thousands of satisfied customers all throughout the nation.Count on us! Maybe by now you’ve done a lot of searching and fact finding.  We hope this is where it can end and we have the opportunity to serve you and your auto shipping needs. We are always just a call, click, or tap away.

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