Route – Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida


Many make the cross country auto move from Los Angeles to Miami. It’s popular for auto transport. Several companies and individuals see Miami as a city to relocate into. The area has flourished in the last several years, beating Los Angeles in cost of living, especially. Miami offers plenty to do, with everything you would imagine doing in a large city

Auto Transport Route

In recent years even the movie industry has made their move there as well. Many shows on TV are based on the growing city. Many also choose to leave Los Angeles and go to Miami for more job opportunity as the city is always looking for fresh talent from the west coast, specifically in the tech industry. Those moving also don’t want to loose the feel of living in a city with sun, beaches, entertainment. For them MIA is the answer.


The driving distance between both cities is 2,732 Miles. Auto transport is usually a much more convenient solution than driving such a long distance. There is also a lot of wear and tear caused by the road conditions and constant driving. Car shipping time from one state to the other can be up to 7 days, however can be in less depending on the truck. Some of our auto shipping carriers have two drivers, others make little to no stops from one side of the country to the other as there can be enough vehicles moving between the two states to fill a whole truck week after week. Transports of this kind usually occur on 9 car haulers. Those double-decker types you see coming in and out of dealers bringing new cars. As always, our trucks are insured. Delivery is door-to-door.



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