Miami, Florida to Newark, New Jersey- Car Shipping - Snowbird

This route runs 1,273.8 miles. It's a straight shot via I-95, as many of our trucks do not make any stops in between Florida and New Jersey, with the exception of one or two states down south for additional vehicle pick-ups. As convenient as it is to use a transporter, many choose to risk damaging their vehicle, wearing their vehicle down, comfort, and even safety the peace of mind of hiring a qualified company.

Depending on the time of year, this car transport route can be less expensive than food, fuel, and hotels combined when calculating cost between driving and shipping.  Let us make the move for you.  Get a free quote and get started!

Newark is the largest city in NJ, as well as Essex County. It's the second largest in the tri-state area, and 8 miles west of Manhattan. Newark is a little of everything. Perfect those moving and shipping their vehicles to Newark.  This is also a Snowbird route. The blizzard of 2016 with record 28 inches of snow is just one reason why. Newark residents are making their way back from avoiding that type of climate.  For those using our auto transport services to make the move from Miami and make Newark their home, the city has much to offer. Over 100,000 people from the area commute into Newark for their jobs. The city holds the most white collar jobs in the state. Importing and exporting, finance, insurance, and government.  A perfect match for those moving from Miami to Newark. City to city the are similar, as neither is strong in other areas like manufacturing.


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