Ship a Car from San Francisco to Washington

The long route covers 2,817 road miles. A huge distance and one of the longest that we do in the nation. Do not plan on making this drive unless you are ready to spend days on the road. When factoring in the cost for fuel, hotel stays, and food, it really does make a lot of sense to use a car transport service like ours. Driving such a long distance will put significant wear and tear on even the most reliable of cars.

This route can take about 7 days.  Sometimes less if we have more than one driver assigned to one carrier, meaning we can cover more mileage than with one driver requiring rest periods. As always, all transporters are fully insured, delivered door to door.  Get a quote and get started!

With San Francisco's cost of living soaring, it's no wonder many are looking to alleviate the cost and looking for other alternatives. Residents are transporting their cars and themselves to places like Washington D.C. where they are looking for the quality of living they want at less of a cost. They are also looking for a more structured workplace. Those specifically wanting government careers will also make the move from San Francisco to Washington D.C. Home values, rent, and other living costs are high in comparison to other cities, but D.C. is still less expensive, provides a good quality of living, beautiful homes, ainks:

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