Ship a Car from Detroit, Michigan to Tampa, Florida

Are you coming down south for the Winter? Let us make it easy. The costs to transport your vehicle down to Florida are reasonable and affordable.  Moving down? Let us take your vehicle(s) down here and remove one extra task from your list.

Those making the move down permanently to Tampa from Detroit are usually looking to wind down to a less hectic atmosphere.  Tampa is just that. The cost of living in comparison is roughly the same all the way across the board, with the exception of housing.  Those tree lined streets with that nice tropical weather cost about 25% more than Detroit.

If you were to drive yourself, it would be a total of 1,178 miles, city to city.  That sounds like a lot of hassle, wear and tear, as well as hard work. Vehicles go through a lot when driven such long distances.  You can replace tires, fuel, and brakes. But wear is permanent. A Let go of the pressure and hassle bo booking your auto shipping with us. It's fully insured, door to door. We get it down there in a week. It doesn't get better than that!


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