Private Car Haulers

Private car haulers are usually owner operators that run a specific route. Although some at times travel to various destinations it is only when there are available vehicles for the trip back for them to take. Owner-operators dominate the industry. A private car hauler is a small company or person that ships cars. They move cars on their own with a single carrier. These usually take a few cars at a time.

Benefits of Private Car Haulers

Direct Access to Driver and His/Her Truck

The first benefit you can see right away is that working with a private hauler means dealing direct with the driver or company. This also means you can try to barter a little bit for the price as well. You are also speaking to the driver the entire time and they are the owner. No extensions or receptionists as you are reaching their person in charge of al the decisions.

Easily Find Out Status

Since there's nobody in the way of you and the driver, you can cell the driver directly and ask him where your vehicle is, how long before they think they will be there, update them on your availability, and more.

Great for Short Distance and Fast Pickup/Delivery

Carriers just driving a couple hundred miles are making trips in to and from your area daily. If that's all they do, you have a great chance of getting picked up fast. Normally within 24 hours and delivery can be same or next day for those as well.

Pay 100% at Delivery

No deposits. Since you are not paying a company to find a carrier for you, there's nothing to pay before they deliver the vehicle. You just give them cash or certified funds at the delivery location.

Tip: Private car haulers usually work for themselves and on their own. They have established relationships and run their business thanks to repeat service from dealers, word of mouth, and other referrals.

Disadvantages of Private Car Haulers

Limited Routes and Availability

A private hauler typically covers smaller radius. If they do travel longer distances they need to know that they will have a couple of cars to take to the vicinity of your destination, and a couple to head back from where he calls home. If not, there's little chance they will take your vehicle. They may not even travel out of state because of that reason. Most private car haulers travel within 500 miles.

They may also not be in your area for a a few days. Whereas an auto transport broker can find a carrier right away.

Little to No References or Reviews

A private hauler runs their truck by giving out their business card, their cell phone, and perhaps a local listing found by search engines and displayed as a local business with just a street view. Since they run their business differently, they most likely not have many reviews.

No Contract or Signed Agreement Prior to Transport

You will usually get your price from the hauler, but really it may just be something they tell you over the phone. No contract ahead of time. They simply don't do it. They drive for a living and they will have you sign at delivery. To fulfil their requirement they must simply provide you a bill of lading. A document which takes note of the condition of the vehicle at pickup, dropoff, and may or may not have the price on it. They are usually very basic.

Undisclosed Fees

They can charge a fee that they do not disclose ahead of time. For example, it could be for dealing with any delay at pick up. Maybe a delay at delivery, if the vehicle is larger than described. You could have too many personal items adding weight, etc.

They may withhold the information and tell you about it when they are at the delivery location. They expect payment and that's all you know. All you know is that they expect the fee to be paid. If they told you before getting the vehicle, you could tell them to leave or the person there to not release it.

With an experienced and reputable national auto transport company, these issues are covered ahead of time.

For example, a company interested in protecting their customers will have protections in place in their contract with the carrier. Like that they must alert the company and customer of an increase due to the size of the vehicle, condition, excessive amount of personal items, etc. or abandon the pickup without the ability to charge a fee.

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