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Virginia is a great state to live in, but most agree the winters can be harsh. We have our share of people moving from the state, but most of the shipping that comes our way is requested by the many snowbirds that reside there. We travel everywhere in VA and ship to all 50 states including Hawaii. We also ship to Puerto Rico. Seasonal shippers can get from Virginia to the southern states easily as well. 

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Reasons for Living in Virginia


The public schools in Virginia are one of the best in the US hence spending for an elementary and college education are not as expensive. The diversity of climate and landscape means that there are plenty activities, such as surfing due to proximity to the ocean, mountain climbing and hiking, due to the mountainous ranges, and plenty of skiing resorts. It is a good location for setting up businesses due to incentives and its proximity to Washington D.C. Health services are similarly top notch, especially for retired individuals and veterans.  Much of our Military Auto Transport is to Virginia.


Reasons for Leaving Virginia


IRS income tax data indicates that over 3,000 households have left the state in 2013. This is mostly due to the slow recovery of the state’s economy. The high cost of living, housing prices and high density population are also some of the reasons for the surge in people moving out of the state. Also those that chose or cannot work government jobs seem to seek other areas.

We offer auto transport services to and from the state and the best rates available, due to our frequent customer base coming in and out of Virginia


Demographics and Population


Virginia has a population of about 8 million as per the 2010 US Census with a population change of 4.8 percent in 2015, according to estimates, leading to approximately 382,000 population increase in 2015. The aging population accounts for 2percent of this increase with persons over the age of 65 increasing from 12.2percent to 14.2percent. 11.6percent of the population are born outside the state. We do have many of our customers moving and shipping their vehicles to VA for retirement as well. The civilian labor force is about 65percent of the population with 60percent of this being female. Places with high population densities such as Northern Virginia and Virginia Beach have led to the high population growth. Despite this, some urban areas such as Richmond and Norfolk have either maintained or lost its population due to the uptick in suburban development. Thus, many of those having us move their vehicles are not entering these areas.  Shipping costs increase to these less popular areas.


Weather and Climate


Virginia’s weather pattern is diverse and can be categorized into five distinct climatic regions: Tidewater, Northern Virginia, Southwestern mountain, Western Mountain and Piedmont regions. The general description of Virginia’s weather is humid and subtropical. The Southwestern and Western regions account of most of the snowfall which ranges from 17 to 23 inches annually.  These regions can reach 5 degrees cooler than other climatic regions. The Tidewater region temperatures are 5 degrees warmer than Piedmont, having a range of between 35 to 49ºF in January and 72 to 85ºF in July on average. This can be attributed to the proximity of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Due to these climatic variations, Virginia can be considered a good location for year-round water sports. Virginia’s climate is modified by the diverse landscape, primarily due to the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the Appalachian and Blue Ridge mountain systems and complexes of rivers and streams.


Jobs and cost of living


Virginia’s rate of unemployment is notably lower than the national average of 7.3 percent at 5.8 percent. Leesburg and Vienna towns enjoy good employment opportunities due to the proximities to Washington Dulles International Airport for the former and good public schools for both. Northern Virginia enjoys the presence of jobs with the government or government contractors with Herndon, for instance, enjoying presence of defense and technology companies. The public sector and technology companies employ majority of the people. The cost of living in Virginia is particularly high with home values significantly higher than the national average. This is also the case with food prices. However, the monthly spending for food per person is 9.5 percent less than the recommended US minimum. The income tax system is progressive, ranging from 2 to 6 percent. The per capita income of the state is around $33,400, significantly higher than the national average. Career movers that use us for vehicle transport look to VA to make a better living and pay less.


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