State to State Car Shipping

Shipping a Car to Another State

Shipping a vehicle to another state is safe, fast, and affordable. We travel across the lower-48 states as well as Hawaii and Alaska.  We can handle the transfer of your vehicle regardless if you sending it because you are relocating, going to school, or  buying.

shipping car from state to state

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Car to Another State?

Transfer of a vehicle state to state is going cost an average of $0.70 or less per mile.  In general, it's $1 a mile for up the the first 500 miles, $0.75 a mile if taking a vehicle at least 1000 miles, and  as low as $0 45 per mile if going cross country.

The exact shipping quote will vary based on different variables such as vehicle size and other factors.

For the most up-do-date information, please use our car shipping calculator.

Sample State to State Pricing:

New Jersey to / from Washington State$1125
California to / from Florida$900
California to/from New York$1025
New York to Florida (September to March)$800
New York to Florida (April to October)$450
New Jersey to Florida (September to March)$800
New Jersey to Florida (April to October)$450
Texas to/from California$700
New York to/from Texas$800
Washington State to/from Texas$1200
Georgia to/from California$825
California to/from Washington$700
Florida to/from DC$750

The cost of shipping a car should be anywhere from $450 to $1500 on average.

Can You Pack Items when Shipping State to State?

While you might think that filling your car is an easy way to move some of your personal belongings along with the vehicle, transport companies are prohibited by law from shipping vehicles that contain household items.  Many customers pack personal items like clothes and shoes. Keep in mind that most carriers allow this but there should be no more than 100 pounds and under the window line.It's important to also note that the carrier insurance does not cover personal items. Suppose any go missing or get damaged, the carrier cannot cover them. If items left in the vehicle damage the interior, these would also not be covered.  See our Personal item FAQ for full details. 

Inspections / Bill of Lading

Don’t rely on verbal information. Get everything in writing with the bill of lading. A state to state transporter should carry out an inspection of your vehicle with you present. This ensures that the vehicle is yours and that you and the carrier are both on the same page with the vehicle’s condition. This way, any damage that occurs during transport can be documented and any preexisting damage is accounted for.

Insurance for Vehicle Traveling State to State

All transport of vehicles state to state are insured. Each carrier has an average of $1 million liability insurance and $250,000 motor cargo per incident.

Why National Express Auto Transport?

National Express Auto Transport provides full service door to door auto transport to hundreds of state to state routes. We are defined by our high-quality of service, safe and timely delivery of vehicles, cost-efficiency, and a great customer service.

We try to ensure you get the best experience while shipping your vehicle to another state with us. We want to be 100% sure your vehicle gets the best care possible. When you confide in to move your vehicle to another state nearby or thousands of miles away, that job becomes a top concern and priority.

  • Leaving nothing to chance as we deploy our best manpower and resources to complete the state to state transfer in the most efficient and responsible manner.
  • We ship all kinds of cars from your museum grade Ferrari to grandpa’s broken down Ford Maverick. Our interstate services are available nationwide.
  • We have a large pool of happy and satisfied customers who rely on our safe, reliable, and hassle-free service.

You can always count on us for great and reliable service. Then why to think further? Contact us now.