Auto Transport from New York to Florida

Almost 3,000 vehicles are shipped from New York to Florida every year, mostly snowbirds coming for part of the year. Most will ship their vehicles as winter approaches. Shipping a car form New York to Florida is less expensive than renting a car if staying for a few months at a time. Many also use an auto transport company to move permanently.

Florida to New York Auto Transport

Seasonal Shipping Down To Florida From New York


Most of the auto transport to Florida from New York consists of seasonal transport. Year after year they make a round trip. Starting as winter approaches, and heading back in the spring. In fact, It is interesting to note that a good portion of New Yorkers establish residency in Florida, approximately 13.3% of the total population to be exact.

North easterners like to move from NY to FL and having their car shipped seasonally due to its conducive weather. Florida experiences 241 days of sunshine on average in a year unlike New York, which has harsh winters. Additionally,  families flock to Florida for a nice long vacation from New York to enjoy the year-round warm weather and all there is to do . So if they staying a couple of months, they need their cars. It’s cheaper to use car transport from New York to Florida rather than rent a car.


Moving to Florida From New York (Non Seasonal)


Those relocating to Florida permanently can have the same reason in common as New Yorkers that reside over half the year in FL. The state does not charge state income tax. As a consequence, it is one of the cheapest places to live and retire. The fact that it attracts people in large numbers makes it a good state to operate an Auto transport Company due to its ready market.

Also, a great population attracts various economic activities, which make people travel in and out Florida frequently as they search for job opportunities or transfers. Though it does not compare to New York, it is enough for those still looking to ship their vehicle to a state that has some bustle. Currently, Florida has numerous companies that have ventured into different sectors attracting people from different states such as New York.


How to Ship Your Vehicle From New York to Florida


There are various companies to choose from. But National Express Auto Transport is the industry leader .We cater to those moving from New York to Florida like no other.We make it easy.


  1. Pick the first available date. i
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The proof is in the ratings. Call us today! We’ll plan your trip with you. Unlike the airlines, you can change your dates with no penalty at any time, unless the carrier is at your door.

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National Express Auto Transport is the choice for transport for thousands of happy customers nationwide. We are a full service auto transport company.

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