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Whether you are attending their an annual celebration and staying for a while, or relocating to or from the state, a reliable Louisiana auto transport company can make the effort to get your vehicle in and out of the state a breeze.

Louisiana Auto Transport

Recent Orders:

Baton Rouge, LAMurrieta, CA$1055
Harwood, MDNew Orleans, LA$1000
Lafayette, LABurlingame, KS$1140
Nueva Orleans, LAOrlando, FL$665
St Rose, LAOakland, CA$985
Jonesboro, LANew York, NY$2065
Shreveport, LAOrinda, CA$1080
Metairie, LAConroe, TX$455
Foley, ALMetairie, LA$590
Denham Springs, LABrooksville, FL$790
Lying in the southeastern region of United States, Louisiana is in the 50th percentile for population of the 50 States in the union. Louisiana’s capital is Baton Rouge and New Orleans being its largest city with the most auto shipping. At the beginning of the year, New Orleans boasts of letting the good times roll in during the Mardi Gras festivities. The French influences can be seen loudly being presented in the majestic architecture, delicious cuisines tasting Creole and Cajun flavors.Not just this, there is much more than meets the eye in the beautiful Louisiana state, from hot smoky barbeques located in the capital to its beautiful serene locations around the coastal areas. Some of the safest and most reliable auto shipping companies provide these opportunities in Louisiana to visit and experience various facets of the state, whether it’s peeking in cool boutiques, dining on beignets, cruising along countryside or trolling downtown New Orleans.


Be prepared to pay higher rates during the Mardi Gras time of the year because of the huge influx of visitors for the festive season. Snowbird season sees some auto shipping to the south, and prices are also higher then. Save money by shipping off season, which is April to September if coming from the north.

Keep in mind while booking the automobile shipping company that reviews are paramount. Even if you ship your auto to the cool party loving state of Louisiana, you still need to be aware of the roadways that are near the epicenter of traffic for shipping cars in the state.

Towns located anywhere near I-10 for example are excellent for a low rate. This highway runs from Jacksonville to Santa Monica, California. What’s great about this road is that it goes right through areas like Lafayette and New Orleans.

But the 10 isn’t the only highway. The other major artery there would be I-20. The best city to ship from of this one is Shreveport. This road is great for carriers because it feeds the northern part of this state. I-20. Rates should be considered, so if you are not in any of these areas, you will pay slightly more and wait times me increase.

While choosing through the vast amount of the companies, make sure you compare pricing and stay away from extremely low bids. Some of them may come attached with hidden fees or clauses in contracts that say that is the “starting rate” or “subject to change”. This is common in states that have areas which are hard to get to like LA.

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OTHER LOUISIANA RESOURCES – official government website for the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana Wikipedia Page – everything you need to know about the state of Louisiana.


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