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Transport your vehicle using our Arizona with National Express. Ship to or from anywhere in the state, including Phoenix, Tucson, and many more. All with service that is door to door and includes all fees.

Arizona Auto Transport

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Arizona is is bordered by Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, as well as California. Phoenix is the most popular area for auto shipping and is also Arizona’s capital. So unlike other states where the capital can be far from the most congested city, Phoenix is the most car shipping friendly. It has both Interstate 10 and 17 running through as well as a network of highways running to neighboring towns like Scottsdale and Chandler. This these great locations for auto transport.

Arizona is is bordered by Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, as well as California. Phoenix is the most popular area for auto shipping and is also Arizona’s capital. So unlike other states where the capital can be far from the most congested city, Phoenix is the most car shipping friendly. It has both Interstate 10 and 17 running through as well as a network of highways running to neighboring towns like Scottsdale and Chandler. This these great locations for auto transport.


Availability in the State of Arizona


The vast network of available carriers makes vehicle shipping quick and easy. Most of the trucking is focused from the West, so California, Nevada, and Hawaii feed plenty of auto transport traffic through I-10 going eastbound, just as vehicles heading the opposite do the same. So there will always be plenty of truck space for car transport.


What makes Arizona Appealing for New Residents


Climate is one thing. The average for Phoenix is from a 54 degrees, to a summer high of 97. The cost of living is 5% less than the national average. For example, the median cost for homes in Phoenix is $174k. There is much to do and great schools. Public, private, magnet, and charter schools too. This makes Phoenix great for families.


Shipping To / From Mesa


Mesa AZ, the third-largest city in Arizona after Tucson and a great location for auto shipping. Cars are transported daily in an out of Mesa every week. Many passing through Phoenix. Mesa is the 38th largest city and suburb within the U.S, is located in the State of Arizona in Maricopa County.

Mesa Auto Transport

This city has a geographical size of 344.8 km² and a population of 484,587 (as per 2016 statistics). There are very many car owners relocating to and from Mesa as well as sellers found in the city. Most sellers and even buyers need to have shipping companies to move cars in and out of Mesa, including dealership trades. The large population of people means that there is a proportional need to have constant inflow and outflow of cars from the great city of Mesa. Thanks to its proximity to other highly populated areas, an auto transport company can provide services to and from the city.

Mesa in AZ derives its name from the Hohokam people. The name basically means “All Used Up”. This name is a complete definition of the type of climate that is experienced within this city. Mesa exhibits a desert climate rather mild winters and very hot summers. July, for instance, shows temperatures that range between 41 degrees Centigrade and 25 degrees Centigrade (which is the hottest month). Conversely, January is the coldest month with temperatures as low as 5 degrees Centigrade.

Mesa has a history that dates back to 2,000 years. This was the time the Hohokam people arrived here. They established the indigenous canal system within the area. The canals were one of their kind in all of the prehistoric new world system. They could deliver water to a very large scale area of about 450 kilometers squared. Most of the miles of canals are still used today. Mesa is still one of the most historical and economic fronts within the U.S. long after the Hohokam people have become distinct. The city hosts one of the largest business organizations, technical and law firms that are within the states (such as the Mesa chamber of commerce and the Gunderson, Denton & Peterson law firm.)

There are multiple car transport companies that service Mesa,  however those that have great customer reviews should be used. National Express has those reviews. As a general rule, company with a good sign of customer satisfaction will make things go smoothly for you in Mesa.


Phoenix Auto Transport

Going Through Phoenix


The car shipping business involves from city to city. On the way across the country is Phoenix. It’s a popular hub because it connects to highways that feed the west coast and head to the east. There’s always business awaiting auto carriers in Phoenix.

Phoenix is recently rated as the fastest growing city in US. Apart from its beautiful landscape and climate, the dynamic city is involved in different lines of business activities. They include tourism, growing businesses, sports, transportation among others. Even more interesting, the city is involved in Car shipping business with a wide range of car shipping services. They range from charter services, door to door car shipping, airport car service shipping among many others.

As a city, it has incredible car shipping services and companies that offer great remarkable services to their clients. Due to the undeniable fact that Phoenix is growing rampantly, there are a lot of people moving in all the time. Many relocate due to work or business related reasons. Others move to the city to experience the beautiful warm climate. So, as a result the car shipping business is without a doubt growing. Still it’s still very important to carefully pick your auto shipper. The fact that there are many options available in Phoenix and Arizona in general, does not mean they are all qualified the same way. There are few shipping companies in Phoenix offer good quality services and one is always assure that your car will arrive safely.
Phoenix is a great city for auto transport, as there are several routes. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of routes that cut through Phoenix. For instance auto shipping coming from L.A., Santiago, Seattle, Miami, go to and through to to Phoenix, among others towns nearby. The city has excellent highway routes such as Interstate 10, State route 101. Some of this carriers in the area have teams and run the routes 24-7  to meet the demand for Phoenix Car Transport. That helps in transportation of cars to hundreds of families moving into Phoenix every year. 
Secondly and relieving for many, there are also door to door car shipping services. If you are buying a car from Phoenix (especially if it’s to get a dry weather rust free car) then after purchasing, National Express delivers it right at your doorstep. Even further, you have options like enclosed transport and top load auto transport services. We are extremely flexible with pick up dates and we also have top-notch carriers that we’ve hand picked along the way.




Pulling your vehicle all the way to or from Scottsdale with the scorching sun is not an easy task. You will have to have skill to maneuver through the meandering roads to and from this city AZ. An auto shipper is best option to move your vehicle in or out the city and they will help you escape heat and the work involved in getting your vehicle transported.

Scottsdale Auto Transport

There are major interstates that will get your car to and from Scottsdale, Arizona. So it’s a great city for shipping cars. There are fast and convenient routes traveling to and from different areas nearby making it easier than other spots in Arizona

Nearby and coming from Phoenix, is I-17 which is the best route to get to Scottsdale. This interstate leads through to Highway 180 to the gateway of Tusayan. Most of the shipping through this route will lead to the Grand Canyon. This is the best route to get you through with less traffic though it becomes congested in the festive seasons.

Conversely, if the I-17 is congested, you might decide to use Highway 89 that bypasses Flagstaff and goes through to the Cameron Trading post. At this point, Route 64 takes you to Tusayan too. This route is longer than the previous one though its relatively fast. If you are shipping from Sedona, there is a route that leads to Scottsdale, AZ. The major interstate I-17 that leads to Highway 179 leads to Oak Creek Canyon. Scottsdale, AZ is a major scenery destination in Arizona.

An auto transport company is able to offer a variety of shipping needs that are paramount for your shipping needs. They may decide to use an enclosed shipment method to prevent exterior destruction of your car, use specialized equipment to pull your truck along or get into into their trailer. All these important points can only be effected by an auto shipping agency in Scottsdale, AZ. There are auto shipping agencies in Scottsdale that will do the shipping for you. Before you hire any particular auto shipper, be sure that the one hire is certified and licensed to do the shipping in your area.



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