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Although many travel nursing programs provide housing, there is usually the issue of transportation when you arrive at your new position. You can handle this in a couple of ways. You can either rent a car, drive your existing vehicle, or ship your car.

I’ve run into nurses that are from other states and in a travel nurse program. It’s interesting that many don’t know about the prospect of getting their car shipped when heading to their next destination. Some have been working with expensive rentals or even drove cross country to get there.

But shipping is not as uncommon as you may think. Many regular people ship their cars around the country and not just for travel nursing. There are people buying cars, selling too.

It’s Not Expensive

Running a quote on the car shipping calculator, you’ll get a solid idea of what to expect with pricing. Remember, pricing changes throughout the year. But it’s affordable in comparison to renting by far. Long term rental scan be very expensive. You may settle for a car you would not want to drive, just to make it as cheap as possible But with shipping the car, you get your own vehicle and it’s what you want to drive.

Saving Money by Shipping Your Vehicle

As a travel nurse, you spend time away from friends and family. One of the incentives to do this is the higher pay you receive. You do not want to spend that on a per day rate on a rental vehicle that can average about $55 a day or public transportation costs that can add up to $122 a month in places like Los Angeles. These expenses vill surely dwindle your earnings.