Car Transport For Travel Nurses

Travel nursing programs send nurses to various places around the country. Travel nursing can be a great way to experience a new city or master your specialty, taking your right where you need to be to learn to expand your career.

Moving can be stressful and the costs can put a strain on your budget. It's great to know you have once less thing to worry about by being able to ship your vehicle instead of drive it. And, although many programs provide housing, you are responsible for getting you and your belongings to your new job.

Travel Nurses - Shipping Your Car - The Benefits

Having someone take care of your vehicle for you give you one less big thing to worry about. Many nurses have done this and have been happy with the results. Driving has its challenges and it can be just easier to meet your vehicle at the destination.

According to a travel nurse job board Boca Raton, Florida 85% drove to their new nursing post. According to the same job board, parts of the drive were hard to make it through, were boring, and some even felt that they were not going to make enough time.

Our own conversations with nurses showed that many nurses and other health professionals didn't know shipping was an option. When asked, they would have immediately taken the opportunity to fly instead. Not only is it easier, it's safer and faster to fly.

Travel Nurses - Shipping Your Car - The Drawbacks

There are some drawbacks. If you have pets they cannot travel with the vehicle and it may be difficult unless you choose to pay to fly with them or send them separately with a pet mover. However, you may be able to use a drive away service that takes pets.

There are many nurses that state the drive is an experience you could miss out on. Some want to feel the open air, see the sights, and make it an event. You can enjoy a long relaxing road trip, perhaps driving the Atlantic coast or drop the top and feel the sun on California's PCH.

How Much Does Car Shipping for Travel Nurses Cost?

Generally, 500 Miles will be about a $1.00 per mile. Bump it up to 1000 miles and it will cost around $0.75 per mile, or cross country will be about $0.50 per mile.

Running a quote on the car shipping calculator, you'll get a solid idea of what to expect with pricing, as it takes all the factors that influence pricing and combines them for the rate.. Remember, pricing changes throughout the year. But it's affordable in comparison to renting by far. Long term rental scan be very expensive. You may settle for a car you would not want to drive, just to make it as cheap as possible But with shipping the car, you get your own vehicle and it's what you want to drive.

Saving Money - Shipping a Vehicle - Travel Nurse Discount

As a travel nurse, you spend time away from friends and family. One of the incentives to do this is the higher pay you receive. Let's help you keep more in your pocket by providing you with a $50.00 discount on all our transport services. (subject to RN License verification).

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