Hire Someone to Drive Your Car To Another State

If you're looking for a professional to drive your car for you, this is known as a "Driveaway" service. It is the hiring an individual or company that specializes in driving cars from one location to another, sometimes thousands of miles.

What Happens when You Hire a Driveaway Service

The person literally hops in your vehicle and takes it to where it has to go. They should not be taking people. They inspect the vehicle, have you sign a contract, and off they will go.

Since it's not in a truck, they can pretty much deliver the vehicle anywhere. So there's really no restrictions, unless the vehicle itself is not allowed to go there, or the driver doesn't have access if they aren't you.

What's Great about a Having Someone Drive Your Car For You

The driver can pretty much take your vehicle anywhere you need it to go. For example, if you're flying somewhere, that driver can drop it off at the airport parking lot and check it in for you. You can't so this with an auto carrier.

Some of these services will even move a pet for you. Unlike an auto transporter, you can also pack your vehicle up. Professional drivers take moving vans and trucks. This would definitely be one of the biggest benefits to using them.

This is a service that is great for vehicles that are under five years old. Newer cars will fair well being driven long distance.

Depending on the route, this could be cheaper than transporting a car on a truck /carrier.

Driveaway services are also:

  1. Insured by the company that employs them.
  2. Doing this for a living and therefore have experience.
  3. Flexible with time.

What Drawbacks Exist with Hiring a Professional Driver

It's important to note your vehicle will experience some wear and tear. You're also exposed to anything that can happen on the road. There is a level of trust that is needed. You have no guarantee they will drive your vehicle sensibly.

Depending on where the vehicle is heading, transport on a truck may not cost much more and may also offset the risks of having it driven.

If your vehicle is older or modified, they may decline to take it in case of a breakdown or mechanical problem.

Road dings, hail, high or low temperatures, acid rain, and all other acts of nature will likely not be covered. This means you will need to have your insurance take this on should something happen, which could raise your rate.

Unlike with auto transporters that go cross country, registration and insurance must be up to date. When it's on a truck, the vehicle is not being driven.


Hiring a someone drive your car for you is a safe option and is an insured service. It's also a cheaper alternative if you want to send a moving van or truck instead of hiring a moving company. If you want to pack a car up with personal items, there is no problem.

Keep in mind your car should be newer, especially if a long trip is on the horizon. It also needs to be properly maintained.

Although getting your vehicle on a truck is safer, be sure to check pricing thoroughly for both options and weigh the costs with the risks. In some cases, auto transport by truck may cost the same or not much more.

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