Multiple Auto Transport Quotes

When looking for auto shipping quotes, it's a good idea to get rates from multiple companies. You want to be sure you are getting the best rate possible for your auto shipment.

With National Express, you can get several auto shipping quotes using our car shipping calculator. Getting more than one quote at a time right from your screen would be a total time saver. Because after all, we see this all the time with the hotel and airline industry. Doing this online makes it very quick and convenient. But with auto shipping, waiting you will need to visit various auto transport company websites.

Remember, there are many choices out there but it's absolutely key to pick a carrier that has at least a 4.4 or higher review rating on respectable sources like Google or BBB.

Work with providers that do not ask for a phone number. An email is usually typical to send you your quote in writing, but if they do not intend to call you then there would be no need for a phone number. Therefore do not give one unless you book.

How to Protect Yourself

Being listed with the FMCSA is where to start. That means they have an active MC number. This means they are licensed for transport.

Tip: Go to our Ultimate Guide to choosing and auto transport company for the most up-to-date and thorough breakdown on who to use.

Fun Fact: Some websites are what are called "lead providers" and were once failed auto transport companies! But, they stopped to capitalize on how much natural website traffic they got. It's to just sell leads. So remember, the MC number should be prominently displayed somewhere on a real company for you to find and verify.

The words “multiple quotes” will not be displayed anywhere. An auto transport company isn't in the business of selling off possible customers. Because lead resellers do zero customer service. Therefore not taking responsibility for the results of the transport.

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