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Getting more than one quote at a time right from your screen would be a total time saver. Because after all, we see this all the time with the hotel and airline industry. Doing this online makes it very quick and convenient.

So is Auto transport any different than other services you do this with?  It’s actually very different…

Not What You Expect

You WILL indeed get various prices to ship your car, but it WON’T be the way you expect. They won’t be displayed neatly on your screen for you to pick from. In this industry getting multiple quotes, is nothing short of gorilla marketing and they are called lead providers.

As a result, what you will get, is an outright explosion of emails and phone calls. It will drive you out of your mind because companies will call back to back. Others will leave voice messages and text messages over and over. 

In the airline and hotel industry, popular sites like those you find online handle every part of the transaction. They handle service, and will even issue refunds or credits. This is because they want to keep their name clean. Not here. They don’t want you to remember them to not complain about them. But some do.

Multiple Quote Websites Don’t Protect Privacy

example of review left for a lead provider that does not ship cars but only sells your information

The broker referral company / lead provider does not take any responsibility. They do not take steps to ensure your privacy. All they do is simply take your information that you have entered and sell it to dozens of companies. Each time for about a dollar or so. Every time someone fills in a quote form on that page, they just made the lead company roughly about $12-$20. They have blindly sold those leads to anyone who is willing to pay for them and don’t verify a thing.

Everybody in this lower level of the industry has your info now. Get ready for endless incoming phone calls. Endless Emails. It’s terrible. More on this in our transport truth post.

There is no requirement to disclose this information. This is because there isn’t even licensing required for these companies to operate by the FMCSA.

Customers Are Being Harassed

Customers don’t say they were happy getting calls by dozens of pushy salespeople. Ever.

Unfortunately, because the search engines have not determined these broker referral services are a bad quality site, it goes on. They are literally tricking them into thinking they are an actual quality result.

That referral / lead collection company will not associate themselves in any way with the transaction. Because if their name was in there, you would bet that they would more carefully pick who they sold information to.

At the end, no one ever remembers the lead company because they don’t even know where these calls came from. Many of you won’t realize that it was one of those websites of started this whole thing.

We Tried this and the Results are Easy to See

In an effort to show you how this all works, here we have done it for you to show you step by step what happens.

Here is exactly how this happened to you:

car shipping rates on google search bar

You typed something like “car shipping rates” in the search bar and began to look through the results.

not a real auto transport company

You found a well made site, top of the results.. Ok then. Here you enter in you information. Email, phone number, etc. But uh-oh, what’s that say? Multiple quotes. This is a lead provider! What you don’t know is that you will be be getting various calls multiple brokers.

Some you expect this will not be the best because each broker will be aware they are one of up to 20 companies getting this “lead”.

Our test vehicle was a full size SUV that was shipping from Florida to California. We went through the process to get a hands on idea of what happens when you get phone calls. Thankfully we used a disposable calling app and email.

Note: We wanted to be considerate of everyone’s time. So we made few interactions and those that were made were very brief. We replied to all stating we are no longer looking for transport so they do not waste any time on our test subject.

car shipping too many emails

Starting with the emails, we got 18 quotes of which 5 went to spam. The first one arrived within 3 minutes of requesting the rate for car shipping.  The rest came in pretty steady. The time stamps show the various emails as they came in with the rates. Some more than once from the same provider. Our app also emailed texts so there are a few that were not regular emails. Our test window was about an hour and half. The following were the results of our test.

Note: Do you find the amount of quotes and emails in our test overwhelming? Most people do.  To avoid this, always check to see if where you are getting your quote from is an actual company. If they advertise that you get multiple quotes or can compare rates, this is the result. 

car shipping rate calls

To not waste hard-working sales people’s time we did not bother taking many calls at all to get our car shipping rates since pretty much all of them sent an email. Our subject took three phone calls and asked a couple questions about down payment, insurance, obviously the rates, and delivery times.

Of the companies that reached out by phone to give us car shipping rates there were two that called three times in a row as marked by the red line on the call history log of the app we used. The screenshot at a time showed nine calls but we received a total of about 13. It also had trouble logging calls that came in while on another call and those didn’t come up on the history either.  So that’s why we have a rough estimate and not an exact number on the calls until we shut it down.

Quality is Non-Existent

Not naming the company here, we searched the name of just one company at random. Interestingly, that had the lowest car shipping rate and they had over 30 complaints with the BBB, Over 10 reviews giving them 1 (ONE) star on Yelp, They were also on Rip-Off Report. Complaints ranged from price increases to extra fees, even with a contract stating a lower price. So this is why the lowest price isn’t always the one to go with for your car shipping rates. Some of the other companies we researched had very little data, and some of the ones in the $1,000 range had decent reviews and marks from customers.

How to Protect Yourself

It’s really pretty simple. Being listed with the FMCSA is a start. That means they have an active MC number

Fun Fact: Some lead providers were auto transport companies! But, they stopped to capitalize on how much natural website traffic they got. It’s to just sell leads. So remember, the MC number should be prominently displayed somewhere on a real company for you to find and verify.

The words “multiple quotes” will not be displayed anywhere. An auto transport company isn’t in the business of selling off possible customers. Because lead resellers do zero customer service. Therefore not taking responsibility for the results of the transport.