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Getting more than one quote at a time right from your screen would be a total time saver. After all, we see this all the time with the hotel and airline industry. Doing this online makes it very quick and convenient.

So is Auto transport any different than other services you do this with?  It’s actually very different…

You WILL indeed get various prices to ship your car, but it WON’T be the way you expect. They won’t be displayed neatly on your screen for you to pick from. In this industry getting multiple quotes, it is nothing short of gorilla marketing and they are called lead providers.

What you will get, is an outright explosion of emails and phone calls. Some companies will call back to back, others will leave voice messages and text messages over and over. In the airline and hotel industry, popular sites like those you find online handle every part of the transaction, customer service, and will even issue refunds or credits to keep their name clean and make you come back to them.

The broker referral company / lead provider does not take any responsibility nor do they take steps to ensure your privacy. All they do is simply take your information that you have entered and sell it to dozens of companies each for about a dollar or so. So every time someone fills in a quote form on that page, that unknowing person just made the lead provider company roughly about $12-$20. They have blindly sold those leads to anyone who is willing to pay for them. 

The reason lead companies don’t operate like the airline sites (for example), is because there are perhaps maybe less than a dozen airlines.  Whereas in auto transport, there are over 7,000 independent owner operators that all charge different rates for the different places they travel to. They want to hand pick the vehicles they take. When you book travel, they take you no matter who you are. Imagine if every aircraft was independently owned, and each one decided that week how much they were going to charge or if they were even going to take off that day because there weren’t enough passengers going somewhere. Or if there was too many overweight passengers so they needed to charge more for the ones that were heftier because of the fuel costs. The system needs human operation and negotiation to function, hence carriers and brokers.

There is no requirement to disclose this information or is there even licensing required for these companies to operate by the FMCSA or the DOT.

We have not yet spoken to a customer that was glad they were getting called by dozens of pushy salespeople, with no end in sight.

Unfortunately, the search Engines have not determined these broker referral services are a bad quality site and are literally tricking them into thinking they are an actual quality result.

That referral / lead collection company will not associate themselves in any way with the transaction. If their name was in there, you would bet that they would more carefully pick who they sold your information to.

At the end, no one ever remembers the lead company because they don’t even know where these calls are coming from. Many of you won’t realize that it was one of those websites of started this whole thing.

How to Protect Yourself

It’s really pretty simple. You can first make sure that the company you are working with is listed with the FMCSA, and has an active MC number. Some lead providers used to be auto transport companies and have decided to capitalize on how much natural website traffic they get to just sell leads. The MC number should be prominently displayed somewhere on the site for you to find and verify.

The words “multiple quotes” will not be displayed anywhere. An auto transport company isn’t in the business of selling off possible customers. And as mentioned earlier, there are aren’t any lead providers (broker referral services) out there that actually have a system where they do the billing and customer service, therefore taking responsibility for the results of the transport.