Covered Transport For Cars

You always hear about two very popular forms of car transport. One is open carrier car shipping, the other is enclosed auto transport. But what is covered transport for cars?

What is Covered Transport?

In short, covered transport or covered car transport is the same as enclosed. Many times on sites like Reddit, you'll see that term because it the easiest way to describe enclosed car shipping when you are not aware of the term industry term "enclosed". It makes sense to call it covered.

When I Ask for Covered Transport, Is It a Different Kind of Enclosed Transport?

No, it is the same exact thing. One is the industry term (enclosed) , and the other is the common term or a.k.a. term (covered).

Can Covered Transport Also Be Putting a Car Cover On My Car?

No. When someone looks for covered car shipping it's not that the person is intending to ship a car with a car cover. In fact, it is not allowed for you to use a car cover on your vehicle as it can fly off or even worse turn into a parachute. So no covers on cars! It is not referring to what Enclosed Transport or Covered Transport means.

Who Provides Covered (Enclosed Transport) ?

Just like we do here at NX, many auto shipping carriers and brokers provide and have access to covered car shipping services, nationwide. By searching online and verifying credentials and reviews, you can pick a well established car shipper to take care of your covered auto shipment.

How Much Does Covered Car Shipping Cost?

As low as $800 for as low as 500 miles, and $1750 for cross country, like Florida to California, for example. On average if you haven't considered car shipping and have only seen quotes for open, you can estimate that it will be 40-60% more than open carrier shipping.

For more information visit our enclosed auto shipping page to get transit times, factors, and more.