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A lot of times when somebody thinks about car shipping, automatically the truck loaded with new vehicles coming from the port or the factory comes to mind. But car shipping is actually available to anyone that wants to pay to have their car (or one they are buying) shipped to them. So the answer is yes you can.

There are plenty of reasons an average person like yourself would want to have a car shipped to you. It could be moving situation, job relocation, school. Local independant car dealers use us all the time to get their auction cars to them. Snowbirds do it all the time to spend the winter months in Florida so they can avoid the harsh winter weather in the Northeast. Military personnel can ship only one POV (personal vehicle) so they use us fo the second one. The list goes on.

The Sliding Scale of Availability and Cost

cost scale of auto transport


What Makes Up The Scale


This is number one all the way. If your vehicle is in a spot where it’s easy to pick up and drop off multiple cars, it’s a big help with the price.The less transport traffic, the more you pay. If business is steady on both the pickup and the receiving end, then the rates are pretty good because there are at least 7-10 vehicles in a radius that the carrier can collect most of them quickly. Then when there’s too many cars, carriers ignore anything paying too little and then take advantage of the demand to raise the cost.

Time of Year

Some areas stay pretty steady, while others where demand increases due to seasonal shippers coming back and forth, rates will get pushed up to meet the demand.  This is specifically true for anything getting away form cold weather, to warm weather. Just like how many birds “fly south for the winter” so do residents of cold states.

Is Distance a Problem?

No. You can go to another state or across the country. If there are vehicles moving from where you are coming or where you are going, then it is not a problem. Populated areas (or towns located in route to populated areas) have vehicles moving to just about anywhere. So you should not have an issue.  For remote areas we will recommend the nearest metro area.  If the vehicle is inoperable or can’t be moved, we will still work with you.

Do You have to Pick a Company In or Near One of The Locations?

Not at all. National Express has trucks available to ship your vehicle in nearly every state. This may vary from company to company, but with us, there is no such limitation.

Types Of Vehicles

All kinds of vehicles can be shipped. It can be a modified big and tall, low and slow, or a precision racing machine. Just because your vehicle isn’t the typical vehicle doesn’t exclude it from shipping. Some low clearance vehicles will need special handling, and trucks taller than 7 feet will need to go on a different kind of truck that could add just a few cents per mile to the price. We have experience with all kinds of transport situations so we will let you know if there is anything we can or cannot handle


Not running? Salvage Car? Auction Car? Project?  We can do it. If it rolls, brakes and steers you are good to go. If it doesn’t, we can still do it as long as we have loading and unloading assistance. Like a forklift.  Many auctions use forklifts to get vehicles on, but you need ot be sure this is possible at delivery too.