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Many vehicles come from the far reaches of the U.S. This includes shipping your vehicle to Hawaii from the east coast throughout the year. This includes all popular states like, New York or New Jersey, or as far south as Florida as well as Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

This is done by either loading your vehicle on an open carrier where it will make the cross-country trip or you can load up the vehicle and take it on a road trip to the port.  Port locations are in Long Beach, CA and Seattle, WA.




The cost for a carrier to come get it for you and have it arrive in Hawaii will be about $2350, all fees in. We ship out of California when coming form the east. If you drop it off at the mainland port and ship your to California from Hawaii it will be $1075.00


Using a Carrier


This is usually the best and safest option for most.  An open car carrier will meet you at your door and take the car from you there. Each carrier will be taking up to 10 vehicles. Some will be going with you to the port, while others are just simply  traveling to SoCal. You worry about nothing else until the vehicle arrives in Hawaii. You also will not have to lose the extra days it will take when driving. In many cases how much it costs will be just a little more or even less to have it go door-port rather than going with the DIY option.

Note: How long it takes to arrive will depend on where your vehicle is at on the east coast.


Driving to The Port Yourself


Of course, you can go ahead and simply hop in your car and make the trip the port yourself. There is a lot to keep in mind besides the fuel costs. Even if your vehicle is very fuel efficient, you will need to have funds for room and board, food along the way, and you may lose extra time from work taking the average 3-4 day drive plus the time the extra time you may need to recover.

With carrier shipping only taking about 5-7 days, it may not be worth the tradeoff.  To ship a car to Hawaii it cannot have any loose parts and the glass cannot be cracked anywhere. You risk this when taking the trip on your own, plus other wear and tear. If you run into trouble on the road, you could be even more delayed by having to make repairs that will make the vehicle acceptable for its voyage.


Need to get your vehicle quickly and safely to Hawaii from anywhere in the U.S.? Call us today, or use our free instant auto shipping calculator to get a rate today.