What is Double Booking and Why Worry About It?

Double booking is setting up with two different auto transport companies.This usually happens when you get a better price somewhere else or the other company you hired is keeping you waiting too long. We go over this in great detail in our post about hiring more than one company.

There’s nothing wrong with booking with another company as long as you cancel with the other. There are important reasons why:

So what’s wrong with trying to find a better deal or finding a better company? Absolutely nothing! 

However, since this business works totally different to probably anything you’ve ever done before it’s important to know some very basic facts about how auto shipping works before you end up making a possible mistake that will slow down your chances of getting your vehicle moved on time.

double booking example

There may be many choices, but there is mainly only one main marketplace carriers find vehicles to ship. That is Central Dispatch. Now before you try to go there, understand you must be licensed and bonded property broker to use it or a carrier.

If you list your car with one company and then try to book with another, your car will be listed twice. Carriers will avoid these vehicles worrying that they may show up and its gone. Picked up by someone else. This only hurts you in the end.