Why Shouldn't I Go with the Lowest Quote?

Some brokers will deliberately give you a very low quote to get you to sign up with them or an automatic quote that does not take into account they type of vehicle you have. They may hide fees. Then when your car doesn't move they come back and ask you for more money.

If you have signed up with a broker that asks for a non-refundable deposit, you have no choice except to pay the additional amount or lose your deposit. The contract may have a clause that they can keep deposits. If you have given them a credit card payment up front, you may find yourself paying a cancellation fee. You can review why you shouldn't go with the lowest quote here.

We try to get you the most accurate quote possible. Our specialists research each quote they give to determine what trucks are actually charging to move cars from your pick-up location to your destination. If it is higher than some others that is because our research has shown that that is the price that carriers need in order to move your car.

We make no more money on a higher quote than on a lower quote, the quote we give you is designed solely to move your car.