Should I Avoid Bargain Auto Transport Deals?

going with the lowest price of the bunch

Lowest priced, extremely low cost car shipping could be a bad idea. Carriers have to cover fuel, costs, and make a profit. Therefore, if you see that one very low price out there below all the others it needs to be looked at carefully.

  1. Is it way lower than all of the others? If so, it's likely bait and switch
  2. Does the company have bad reviews? Look for price change complaints
  3. Did they call you because you accidentally used a lead provider? They will call non-stop

You Could Lose More Than Money

Trying to find a good deal is not a bad idea. However, if one or a couple of prices are far lower than the rest, then this is likely going to cause you a headache. Most quotes should be around $100 or so from each other.  

The results are usually:

-Late or even no pickup / lost deposit
-Paying a higher price than promised / hidden fees
-Possible damage from using carriers nobody else wants to use
-Terrible service and attitude

Other Authoritative Sources Agree

The BBB states:

Car shipping scams takes advantage of both the consumer's natural desire for good bargains on expensive services and the proliferation of the internet. In the most common scam, the consumer performs an internet search for auto shipping companies and clicks on a link. He finds what looks like the website for a legitimate shipping company. The consumer asks for a quote for shipping a car and receives what she thinks is a reasonable bargain and instructions for payment. The consumer sends the payment and then waits for a truck that never arrives.

Better Business Bureau® - Choosing a Trustworthy and Reliable Auto Transport Service

We’d add that excuses would then come to raise price now that they have a deposit. Some will say carriers raised prices recently or drivers are asking for more than at the time you requested your quote.

Protect Yourself

Take some easy steps that will make your transport go quickly and smoothly. Just taking these extra precautions will let you get the lowest price possible with the best outcome:

-Check Reviews
-Make sure price is in writing for you to sign on the dotted line
-Check for language in the auto transport contract to make sure there aren’t hidden fees
-Assure that the price is a RATE and not a quote that can fluctuate

For the most in depth information , read through our guides on auto transport to know how to get around the pitfalls. Remember this information is there because we want to make sure you make an educated decision on who you choose for auto shipping. Even if you don’t come on board with our auto shipping company, we’d like to know you know where things stand, being armed with the best information.