What Paperwork Do I Need For Shipping?

car ready for loading

If shipping state to state or across the country, all you need to worry about is the Bill of Lading. All that we ask from you is a signature and a walk around your vehicle before transport. During this walk you and the driver will inspect the vehicle for any pre-existing damages at pickup before the loading will take place.

The terms and conditions electronically signed automatically state you are authorized to move the vehicle even if you are not the owner. So that means you can not only provide any contact information for both pickup and drop as you see fit, but do not have to fumble with title or registration information.   We just need keys, someone over the age of 18, and of course the vehicle. 

Finally, billing info is needed. As we mention everywhere, we do not charge to book. It is always free. A minimum deposit is due to reserver your auto shipping when the carrier is set up to get your vehicle.