Will Moving Companies Tow/Ship My Car & Furniture?

moving truck with car inside

The simple answer is yes. Many movers have the additional equipment and training but charge a lot of money because of the space the vehicle takes. More often however, the mover will have a referral agreement with an auto shipping broker. Both options for moving the vehicles together with your move can result in a higher cost as a result.

Using a Moving Company

If the mover does have the ability and is willing to do so, a vehicle will take valuable moving space and many take not just your belongings, but those of other customers in that same truck on a route. A vehicle will limit this space. This will result in a higher cost to book these together with a mover.

If the mover does not have the ability to move your vehicle, they will usually have a referral agreement with a transport broker. Since there are additional fees paid in between for the referral as well as the broker's regular fee. The cost will be higher. Therefore there is no benefit to having your mover make your auto transport arrangements.

Note: The recommendation by a moving company to use an auto transporter can be based on monetary benefit instead of good service. Do research independently on their referral or pick your own well rated car shipper.

Using an Auto Transport Service

Using an auto transport company provides much more flexibility with dates and availability. Prices are generally lower as well since there's not any extra cost associated with the job being referred out by a moving company.

Planning it Out

If you are planning to move cars along with your household goods it may be tempting to have the mover plan it for you. However, we see it works best when the customer takes on the task. Fortunately, a qualified and well rated auto shipper can take care of this work and coordinate with your moving dates as closely as possible.