Why Do Auto Shipping Quotes Vary?

When you’re searching for car shipping companies, you will get a bunch of quotes. For the most part, you will want the cheapest price.

Just remember, the lowest price is not always the best choice. Some prices for your exact route can vary drastically. From the too good to be true, to the incredibly high.

So, the question is, why is that so? Why do the shipping charges keep varying? We are assuming that you’re comparing quotes while considering the same factors. The differences in the quotes can be due to the “behind the scenes” of your transport broker. This means they have to look into how your vehicle will be picked up, what will be the availability of the slots on the desired dates, what kind of trailer and the drivers are available and so on.

Also, as mentioned, low price can mean you pay more in other ways. To explain, if you get a one or two lower quotes than the rest, there are fair chances that you’re on a standby indefinitely as this is not a first come and first serve business with drivers. They literally ignore anything that is not paying them the norm for that area. So, make sure to double-check reviews before finalizing the quote and don’t fall into the trap by going for a lower price.

Sometimes, the transport brokers will offer you a cheaper price just to lock the deal. They will even offer you doorstep pick-up, delivery and car wash service for free. These are basically the business tactics used by companies to attract new customers. Also, some services will charge an additional amount even after locking the deal. So, be aware of such fraudulent services and check their online reviews, terms & conditions before selecting them.