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A car pick up service will get your vehicle and take it to another destination. This is done via a auto transport company providing both short and long distance towing nationwide. Vehicles can be running or inoperable and a vehicle would be loaded on an open carrier, with the wheels not touching the ground.

How Does a Car Pickup Service Work?

A car carrier will come and take your vehicle to a destination of your choosing. This can be long or short distance transport. The first step is to use our calculator to get a price. The type of carrier will depend on the distance. For example if you are shipping a car to another state, the typical truck will hold anywhere from 6-10 vehicles. It is pulled by a Semi. For shorter distances, smaller 2-3 car carriers will be more common. These are usually something like a 3500 Dually Truck, taking a wedge style trailer.

How Long Does a Car Pick Up Service Take?

A car pick up is not much different than any other type of car transport. Simply, it will depend on when the next carrier is in the area to come get your vehicle. Fortunately since there are over 14,000 car carriers on the road nationwide, this is not a difficult thing to do. The average timeframe is running about 1-3 days from the date the vehicle is available to when it is loaded. If you are looking for immediate car pickup, expedited shipping is available in metro areas. Learn about this in more detail by reading about how long it takes.

How Safe is My Vehicle if it’s Picked Up?

All carriers require insurance in order to take vehicles. Even more so across state lines. The average insurance includes $250,000 motor cargo and $1,000,000 liability to protect you. All auto transport companies you are looking to hire for the pick up service need to be licensed. bonded, and insured for your protection.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is the bottom line of it all. How much does a car pick up service cost?

DistanceCost Per mileSample Rate
400 Miles (local)$1.00$400
1100 Miles (state to state)$0.75$825
1800 Miles (long distance)$0.55$990
2,750+  Miles (cross country)$0.50$1375
Sample Car Pick Up Cost Table

How Do I Know What Company to Pick?

This is actually very crucial. What ends up happening with your car pick up will depend greatly on the provider you select. You are looking for someone reliable, experienced, and with a good reputation. Reviews are key. In this business, picking a company that has positive reviews will make all the difference in how your pick up and delivery will turn out. We have an extensive guide on how to pick an auto transport company. As a rule, do not go with questionable providers, regardless of price.

If you have any questions about our comprehensive vehicle pickup and delivery, contact our company or get a quote.