Shipping A Car With Personal Items

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While getting ready to have your vehicle moved, you might wonder whether shipping a car with personal items along with it is allowed. After all, it's not being driven, so why not save some money by putting your stuff inside? It's a warranted question.

Auto transporters have rules they have to follow so the answer is yes but there's a limit.

Here are some of the things you might want to know if you decide to ship your car with things inside:

Can You Ship Stuff In Your Car?

You will find that most carriers allow you to ship up to 100 pounds of "personal items", (not furniture, tv's, appliances). free of charge while other companies frown on the very idea of you having personal stuff in your car. At National Express, we allow go by the 100 pounds. guideline.

The problem is that car shipping companies are licensed to ship cars and not the furniture and appliances that you might want to tuck in your car. So by asking them to ship additional stuff inside your car, you're asking them to take on additional risk that may land them in trouble.

That said, the best way to go about it is to speak to the company you plan to work with and see what their rules are.

What Are The Risks?

If you do find a company that allows you to ship personal belongings along with your car, you should know that there will be some risks involved.


First, you should know that there is a higher risk of theft involved. Car shipping is an arduous process and truckers often take rest stops to stretch their legs every couple of hundred miles. When they do so, there's no telling whether they will make sure to leave your car and the items inside it attended to by a third party or if they will allow thieves to treat your car like a free buffet table.

Damaged Items

You should also think about the damage you might cause to your car if you put loose items inside it. Even if the truck is driving on one of the smoothest routes, chances are your car will vibrate and shift as it gets lugged along on top of the transporting truck. Sensitive items like could break easily.

Vehicle Damage

Having a heavy car and lots of loose items can cause damage to the interior and suspension if really heavy. Just as loose items can break, they can hit and crack interior panels.

What Are The Usual Rules?

If you do choose to ship your personal items inside your car despite the risks, take note of some of the rules you might have to follow.

The weight limit differs from carrier to carrier. As mentioned, some might allow you up to 150 pounds for free while requiring you to pay for any extra weight above that. Others might not allow more than 100 pounds of free weight in which case you should be prepared to pay a couple of hundred dollars for the extra luggage.

Most carriers that allow shipping personal items enforce a rule that all items must be loaded below the windows of the car and off the driver's seat. This will reduce the risk of theft and allow the truckers to drive the car out of the truck.

It's also probably a good idea to make sure that the items you're shipping are not valuable or fragile. Otherwise, you might defeat the whole purpose of shipping these items as they might be damaged to the point of uselessness on the other side.

Shipping personal items with your car is a thrifty idea, certainly. But the risk involved in doing that is not small enough to be ignored. If you decide to do it nonetheless, be aware of the rules your shipping company wants you to adhere to and stay as safe as you can be.