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Picture the surge of adrenaline you experience as you take to the racetrack, the intense concentration and precise driving required to control a finely-tuned racing machine. Every race car enthusiast knows the road to the racetrack is just as critical as the race itself.

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What Is Race Car Shipping?

Race car shipping specialize in shipping track cars, drag cars, F1 racers and more.  These vehicles are not only valuable but sensitive and are often calibrated carefully. Mishandling or inexperience could cost you on race day.

Typically, these transport trucks come in sizes that can accommodate either two, six, or up to ten cars, often featuring two levels. Chances are you've seen these on the highway many times.  Visit our enclosed transport page for more on these carriers. 


How Much Does Enclosed Race Car Transport Cost?

As of 2024 to ship a race car 100-200 miles will be $3.75 per mile. Shipping 200-300 miles will typically be $2.50 per mile. If you take a trip that is over 500 miles, like a state to state transport , you will then look at a rate of about $2.20 per mile. Finally, if shipping a car 1,000 you are looking at $1.40 a mile. 

After which the price per mile will drop significantly, as 2000 miles can cost $1.05-0.90 cents a mile and considered cross country car transport.

How Long Does a Race Car Carrier Transport Take?

 It can take as little as 1-5 days to get a pickup on a race car ready enclosed shipper. This is if it is in a major city or populated area. Car shipping from remote locations can take us a week plus to get because it takes longer to find a truck that will be going through those areas.

From Your Home to the Race Track: Premier Enclosed Transportation Services

We excel at delivering outstanding race car transportation services across and throughout the United States, to every major racetrack. Our fully enclosed carriers ensure that your valuable vehicle is protected from weather conditions and hidden from view during transport. Using hydraulic lift gates and interior articulating decks, our carriers are ideally suited to manage low clearance race cars with exceptional care.

Precision Handling for Your Prized Vehicle

Transporting a race car is not merely about moving a vehicle; it’s about transferring a dream, a meticulously engineered piece for speed. We focus on the enclosed auto transport of race cars, recognizing the unique needs of vintage, championship Formula 1 cars, and beloved track cars. Rely on our white-glove service, marked by regular updates, on-time delivery, and top-notch care.

Experience You Can Trust: Over 40 Years of Devoted Service

With over four decades at the leading edge of race car transportation, Intercity Lines understands the unique aspects of race car transport, considering factors like distinctive body shapes and low ground clearance. We offer service that is both dependable and customized to meet the high expectations of race car owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's for a local or nationwide event, count on us as your prime race car transport company.

Comprehensive Service Features:

  • Door-to-Door Delivery - Begin your race with the convenience of having your car collected from your driveway and delivered right to the track (some restrictions may apply).
  • $2 Million Cargo Insurance - Rest assured knowing that your race car is thoroughly insured during its journey.
  • Advanced Loading Technology - Our trailers are outfitted with air-ride suspension and liftgate loading technology to ensure your vehicle remains secure and undamaged.
  • Regular and Expert Care: Our skilled drivers are trained to handle even the most sensitive race cars, ensuring thorough transportation.
  • Years of Expertise: Celebrate our legacy of transporting some of the most famous and historic race cars worldwide.
  • Extra Cargo Space: We provide the option of transporting spare parts and tires together with your race car.
  • Safe On-Site Storage: Our transport trailers can also serve as secure storage for your race car and its accessories during downtime.

Accept Only the Best Race Car Transport

Your race car deserves the best treatment. From nylon straps in our auto transport trailers to air-ride equipped systems, we take no risks. Sidestep the uncertainties of auto transport brokers and unchecked shipping services. Choose Intercity Lines to guarantee that your race car arrives punctually and in showroom condition.

Our enclosed auto transport service effortlessly supports the transportation of not just race cars, but also classic cars, luxury vehicles, and exotic cars nationwide. Planning to ship your car from New York to Florida, Texas, or even coast-to-coast? Our nationwide services have you covered.

Quick Booking for Nationwide Enclosed Auto Transport

Ready to begin your race car transportation experience with us? Get an instant quote with our user-friendly quote calculator and reserve your car's transport today without requiring a deposit upfront. Whether you're preparing for a race or need specialized auto shipping like Bring a Trailer, Intercity Lines ensures a seamless and worry-free service every step of the way.

NX Loves Racing

With NX, every mile your race car covers is managed with precision and attention, mirroring the passion you exhibit on the race track. Focus on victory and let us manage the logistics of getting your car to the race. Opt for NX Auto Transport for service that transcends mere transportation, sharing your passion for the art of racing.

Experts in Nationwide Race Car Transport

For those passionate about motorsports, securing a reliable and specialized transportation service for their race cars is a top priority. Race Car Transport Services is your ideal partner for ensuring that your racing machines are delivered safely, whether you're shipping across the country or overseas.

  • Specialized Handling and Expertise -Race cars require expert handling due to their specialized and delicate transport needs.
  • Safeguarding Custom Features - We acknowledge the importance of custom modifications and protect them meticulously.
  • Handling Low Clearance Challenges - Our team employs specialized equipment to effectively handle the low clearance issues of race cars.
  • Security Measures for High-Value Assets - Recognizing their value and rarity, we employ strict security protocols.
  • Commitment to Timely Deliveries - We maintain punctuality in sync with the demanding schedules of racing meets and shows.

Highly Rated Across Multiple Review Platforms

Whether relocating, purchasing a new race vehicle, or attending racing competitions, our specialized Race Car Transport service simplifies the process.

Celebrated for over 2,000 positive reviews and an expansive network of more than 20,000 carriers including enclosed and open options, we stand as the top provider in the U.S. for all race car shipping.

Preparations for Race Car Transport

Preparing your race car properly is crucial for a seamless transport. Here’s what you should do before the journey:


Conduct a detailed examination to identify any damages or mechanical issues, documenting each with photographs. Compare this to the BOL (bill of lading) used by the transporter.

Secure The Race Vehicle

Remove all loose items from the car's interior like your steering wheel or helmet. Lower the fuel levels and use the battery disconnect to reduce risks. Make sure all crucial are full and tires are properly inflated.Have all necessary permits, registrations, and insurance documents ready.

Contact Us Today

NX offers complete peace of mind, ensuring that your treasured race car is handled by the industry's best. Allow us to manage the shipping so you can concentrate on racing. Reach out to us today at 800-284-7177 to begin.