What if I am Not Available at Pick Up or Delivery?

You do not have to be the person available for pick up or delivery.

If for whatever reason you can not be at pick up and/or delivery you must appoint a responsible person to act on your behalf. You must provide us with this persons name and phone number(s) so that we can be in touch with them during the pick up and/or delivery.

It’s very important that the person you designate is going to be over the age of 18, answers the phone from numbers they may not know, and be willing to meet the carrier at the time that they are arriving for pick up. 

Remember, if you miss your pick up we don’t charge anything to reschedule you but you do lose the time and that can be just as valuable as money.

For delivery, it is even more crucial the person you designate is available to answer the phone and be there to receive the vehicle.. This is because if they are not you could be subject to storage fees or delays if the carrier has to continue on and wait to return to bring your car which could be several days if they have various vehicles on a long route ahead of them.

This person will need to work with the car carrier driver to schedule the actual drop off time and place and to inspect and sign for the acceptance of the vehicle.

This is a Very Common Request

We see this situation all the time. A great example we see almost day in and day out is when the customer wants the vehicle to arrive around the time that they get there.  They do not want to wait the two, three, four days that it will take if they ship the car while they’re still in town.

At this point the shipper may designate a friend or family member to hold the keys for them so the car can arrive somewhat close to to time that they are getting to the destination.

If you Become Unavailable After the Car Is Picked Up

If after the vehicle is picked up you become unavailable to accept delivery we ask that you make arrangements with a relative, friend, or neighbor to be available on the delivery date AND notify us in writing to update your order. Please notify us as soon as possible with the name and contact telephone numbers of the person you have appointed.

If it is impossible to make arrangements with another person to perform this function, the vehicle will be dropped off and stored in a secure terminal facility for your pickup there. A daily fee will be applicable for storage at the terminal facility so we do urge that every effort be made to arrange the vehicle delivery before that option becomes necessary.