Should I Tip the Car Transport Driver?

In many service based businesses, tipping is common because the person working is not the owner. However, with car shipping it's a little different as many carriers are owner-operators (have their own truck). Tipping the driver is a nice thing to do and they sure will appreciate it. However, it is not  customary when shipping a vehicle.

If you tip, why should you ?

  1. If the driver was kind, courteous, and attentive.
  2. If they arrived early or moved their day around just for you.
  3. If the car was totally clean on an open carrier.
  4. Called you several times to let you know status.
  5. Got to your curbside in a difficult to reach neighborhood (with a large truck).

How much should you tip ?

That is totally up to you. Our carriers have noted they have received and average of anywhere from $25-150.00.  But again, this is all based on opinion.

At the end, it's solely up to you. If you see they gave you a great service, then do what feels right.

Things to Remember

Just like when you order food to your door or even have someone deliver an appliance or TV that you bought, you may decide to offer a little extra green especially if they did great work.

From the perspective of the customer working with the carrier, you may notice the driver is also the owner and operator of the truck. So not just a deliveryman working for a big company. But do not let that deter you from giving a tip of its deserved.