How Do I know That When the Carrier Delivers I Won't Pay More?

Believe it or not, when this happens it’s because of the company you hired, and NOT the carrier that took the transport. In many cases, the carrier did not accept the bid from the company you hired and asks for sometimes $50-100 or even more that they expect for the vehicle.

The eager salesperson neglects to tell the customer so they can still get a commission and move on to the next job, thinking the customer will just deal with it, and then they will ignore the calls! With us, there are NO hidden costs. ZERO. In fact, you will not find a single complaint anywhere stating that we ever overcharged anyone. No gimmicks or bait-and-switch here. Just look at our reviews.

Be sure to check the contract provided by the broker to assure you did not accidentally agree that the price could change without notice. This is a common trick.