Car Cover During Transport - Can I use One?

Unfortunately you cannot use a car cover during transport. However, there are other options.

This is a very common question we get all the time. The reason is pretty simple. Even though you may have a locking car cover it could be a huge danger to your vehicle and the others onboard. If any air gets in under the cover while the carrier is at high speed, your car cover can turn into a parachute.

Secondly, the carrier needs access to the vehicle to load and unload. A car cover will add extra work to the truck driver and hey may not have room around the narrow spaces between cars and the frame of the car carrier to place a car cover or remove one.

You Cannot Cover But You Can Wrap

You can however use a vinyl wrap to protect your vehicle. This option is acceptable and will not make it so it is an impairment to move your vehicle and will not come off the vehicle during transport.