Can I Wrap My Vehicle For Transport?

You can absolutely use a wrap to protect your vehicle. It needs to be a vinyl decal material similar to that used change the colors of vehicles and last a long time. However this wrap will be more like the type used for decals and logos you see on work vehicles for advertising. It is very easy to put on and remove, requiring only that you clean the surface to lay it down.

What Kind of Wrap Should I Use?

There are basically two kinds. There is the aforementioned full wrap to change the appearance of a vehicle and there is the temporary kind. You will want to use the temporary wrap.

It is the type of material that vehicle manufacturers place on new vehicles which is normally a plain white protective film that is meant to be on for a short time. It is easy to peel off when the vehicle arrives. You can cover locations like the front, roof, hood, trunk, and doors for example.

You will not want to use the permanent wrap that is applied to all the surfaces of the vehicle usually to enhance the vehicle's appearance and / or change its color. It is more expensive and hard to remove.

Where Can I Buy the Temporary Wrap?

We provide and ship a 3 ply auto transport wrap that is 36" x 100ft which sells shipped for $90 and arrives in 2-5 days to your pickup location from the day you request it. Call 800-284-7177 ext 1 for details.